Friday, February 13, 2015

Link Log for February 13

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Bubble-blowing dolphins:

Border collies:

One way for a policeman to "earn" a dog:

Horses, too, are becoming targets in the #WarOnPets :


Letters from Langston Hughes...Rampersad's warning, that they may be disappointingly nice, makes the collected letters of Langston Hughes sound like something I'd want to read. (There's already a fairly lengthy collection of his published work. Your public library should have it.)

Child Safety Updates 

Once upon a time, long, long ago when your Auntie Pris was riding a bus to school, there were no Bus Matrons. Obviously people didn't caaare enough about our safety. So nobody beat us up like this if we wiggled and popped up out of our seats. I don't recall seeing this kind of injury inflicted on a kid on the school bus I used to ride. I remember one afternoon two kindergarten kids started pushing and punching each other. The bigger kid's two brothers stood up and glared at the smaller kid. The smaller kid being related to us, my brother and I and about ten other kids stood up and glared at the bigger one. Those kindergarten kids sat down and behaved themselves. But now that people caaare so much more about children's safety...

On a more positive note, Lyn Lomasi discusses moderation in the use of bleach. Here I stand to testify that, although (original-formula, unsweetened) Listerine obviously costs more, I've found it more effective on some fungi than chlorine bleach was. Probably the thyme oil.


Virginia readers, is your State Senator on the Finance Committee? Mine is. Would youall like to see a solid statement from Senator Carrico? I would. It'll show up here if he sends one out.

California has a certain reputation...I don't know, these Californians are saying the state government tried to steal their raisins. (I only report these things)...

I won't say it...even the first fifteen or twenty commenters at The Blaze won't say's too easy.

Maybe somebody at the Southern Poverty Law Center found the murders to which their admirer, C.S. Hicks, recently confessed...sobering? (I checked; nobody at Al-Jazeera seems to be considering the possibility that the mainstream media are playing down this murder because Hicks's religion, despite his pistol-packing habits, was atheist socialism.)


Scott Adams claims that very few women read his blog. Is that just because his older blog didn't work well with the computers youall use? Do you not enjoy the "Dilbert" cartoons, either? Can you motivate yourself to click on this link and find out how well this easy (free of charge) motivation trick works for you?