Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ten Things About Me

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where this "Bubble" appeared on 10.13.14. Topic credit: BeaShe , a.k.a. +Protecto Shell , responded to a prompt shared by NicholasE : .Image credit: Openopin at Morguefile:

1. I think I did something similar to this, last winter, but this one's a different prompt calling for snappy answers.

2. I'm a registered Independent, though currently represented in our government by three Republicans, who I think are doing a good job, and three Democrats, two of whom I think are doing a very bad job.

3. I've earned $150 here and have yet to see either that the charity of my choice got the first $50 or that I've received the other $100.

4. I'm posting from a computer center thirty miles from my home.

5. I would like to do my Internet writing within comfortable walking distance from my home.

6. I have an e-friend who describes himself on Google + as a philanthropist, a Significant Other with the rare gift of being able to make a living in my part of the world even though he wasn't born here, and some relatives who are still millionaires (even since the oil bust, although they can wail about The Economy with the best of us)...all of whom have been making vague encouraging noises about the computer center I want, for years now, and none of whom trusts the others, or trusts me, enough to put down any money. (Yikes. Is this National Long Sentence Day? No, when I write without thinking I usually write long sentences. No editing. Keep going.)

7. I'm wearing a blue cotton dress from Talbot's.

8. Most days I wear suits and dresses from Talbot's, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, Lands End, and similar. Sometimes Laura Ashley, occasionally Saks. Anyway...

9. I've never actually bought a new garment in any of those stores. I bought them all from charity stores, in aid of good causes, located close to the stores that sold them for $100, $200, or more. The most I've paid for one off-the-rack dress in my life has been $5.

10. Not sure whether this is "about me," but anyway what comes to mind is that I'm looking out a window, at white pine trees, which are currently being upstaged by a bright red-orange maple tree behind them. Right. Something readers should know about me is that I'm interested in trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, weather and so on. When I started blogging I started each day with a Phenology Post. (Phenology is the scientific study of people's day-to-day nature notes.) I still do the occasional Phenology Post, although I've not remembered to do one every day.