Monday, February 9, 2015

Link Log for February 9

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Vote for the cutest "Dog Valentine" picture:

Thanks to Dave Barry for this study showing that wasps see and recognize faces as well as smelling and recognizing odors. DB's comment was "So if you enter a wasp's nest, cover your face." Mine, after laughing, was "So when you pass by a wasp's nest, move slowly and give the wasp time to recognize you...yes, tiny-brained and short-lived as wasps are, they can be good friends." Especially paper wasps, who eat flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. Since humans attract the things wasps eat, all we have to do is not threaten the wasps themselves, and they will literally see us as friends.

My own, but I want people to see it on Twitter and Tsu:

Delightful dog postcards:


+Theresa Wiza shows us how to crochet a cowl:


U.S. readers, please take advantage of this U.S.-specific political discussion site:

(Fair disclosure: if you navigate from my Freedomworks page to build a page of your own, what I get is a sense that you and I are on the same page. That's it. That's all. But please do.)


This history education site is very much a work in you want to help build it?

Today's Picture 

I don't know who drew this Disney-princess-like cartoon or why Yougov assigned it to me...

...but if you click on this link, perhaps Yougov will create a cute cartoon of you too.

(Speaking of pictures...this is by way of introduction to Angel Sharum, who's shared some of the nicest photos at Associated Content and Chatabout:

Losing Scenic Parkland 

This doesn't fit into any of the topic categories I usually use. Maybe "Agenda 21"? The basic idea is, when greedy bureaucrats are allowed to get control of land that seems too pretty to build stuff on, they're not going to maintain it as nature park land forever. The next step is likely to be closing the first, to keep it "pristine" for the dear, dear bears and rattlesnakes and other creatures that are basically incompatible with humans. And then it can be sold, for the benefit or at least the profit of the government. To foreign interests. Or for oil drilling, or strip mining, or bomb testing...whatever somebody's willing to pay for, but probably for purposes for which private owners wouldn't sell. We see the process beginning on the Eastern Shore:


As if my daily book post weren't enough, +Marsha Cooper reviewed a pretty picture book:

Good News 

+Coral Levang reports that Forbes found lots of other young people who were doing better things than the founders of ("We have misplaced all the remaining payments that were overdue for the whole of 2014")

Inspiring Thoughts 

+Coral Levang also shared a nice inspiring thought:

+Bill Kasman offers a badly needed clue for fundraisers:


I don't like "formatted" radio stations that try to sound as if they're playing one thing all the time. I would probably turn on the radio to listen to a show like this one.


+Theresa Wiza shares a cute "grandchild" anecdote.

+Lyn Lomasi wrote this years ago, when her children were little, and stands by it, so it must've worked for her.

+Lyn Lomasi also shared this image of the ultimate treehouse...

And the ultimate toy: