Friday, February 6, 2015

Link Log for February 6

After two days totally offline, then one day online without socializing...categories: Tsu, Norway, Animals, Handcrafts, Frugal Tips...

Tsu (Lots of Pretty Pictures) streams pictures and comments, like Twitter (with room for more words than Twitter). A lot of the things I "liked" and "shared" there are specific to Tsu and have no other web home. If you want to look at lots of pretty pictures, with just a few ugly advertising images thrown in:

Norway (More Pictures)

Want to see what "winter" looks like? Check out this English-language blog about Norway.


Border Collie balances on log...

Vote for your Dog Valentine photo here:

Handcrafts (More Pictures) 

+Marsha Cooper finished a rug that appeals to my eye for color.

Frugal Tips

What do people whose county officials don't help them with taxes free of charge, or can't be trusted to do it right, and who don't really owe enough tax to need H&RBlock, do if they need help with their taxes?