Monday, February 2, 2015

Link Log for February 2

Happy Groundhog Day! No shadows in evidence here. Not a lot of links--I did that yesterday. Categories: Kid Stuff, Child Abuse, Food, Football,


Between cancer treatments, the true football fan +Richard Rowell finds time to report on the Super Bowl. Hang in there, RR, and LL...

Food (Easy Gluten-Free Recipe)

This was shared at, without a link I could paste in, so I'm quoting it. The graphic looks like single-serving omelets or pancakes, and the text was "1 banana. 2 eggs. 3 Mash. 4 Grill. 5 Eat."

Kid Stuff 

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Child Abuse

Is Montgomery County, Maryland, "Stalinist"? Or is it just one of the very few places (a rich, crowded bunch of suburbs of Washington where many celebrities live) where elementary school children really might conceivably be abducted by strangers? I hate to say this, but...I wouldn't let a ten-year-old run around, alone or with a younger sibling, in the Sligo Park. Because I was frequently harassed when I lived there; because someone really did try to drag one of my dorm mates (a good-sized nineteen-year-old) into a car; because someone really did batter and rob a middle-aged gentleman walking in the park at night, before the park went car-free, and someone really had shot one of the college security guards in the back while he was walking home from work. The park became safer after it went car-free, of course. Still, the quality of the neighborhood is generally considered to have decreased...and this may not be just a "free-range kids" issue where the question is whether the kids are intelligent enough to find their way home. Parts of Sligo Park still look like models for paintings of the Garden of Eden (which they were), but I remember it as the place where I used to carry a pistol...and felt grateful when a neighbor's dog "rescued" me from harassers. If the Meitivs want to bring up free-range children, which is an excellent idea, I'd recommend that they start looking for jobs in Frostburg or Crisfield.

Nevertheless. Even in view of the park in question being just fractionally above Pennsylvania Avenue as a target for everything from street-level to international terrorism. I still think Child Protective Services stepped out of line, and threatened to do more damage to these children than they claim to be protecting the children from. Scroll down to the comments; KCWeb got it right.

Right. During these last two hours at the Dog Sanctuary, let's see whether I can get this piece plussed, Twittered, Tsued, and get one short original-thought piece posted as well.