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February 1 Links

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Fundraising Link

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"Ticked off" tortie cat? Well...startled. (Heather, having become a lonely lap cat, often gives me this sort of look while lap-napping. I read it as "Why'd you have to go and move?" She's not angry--usually follows this look with what she seems to imagine will be comforting licking, nibbling, and kneading, which I understand to mean "Now settle down and sit still so I can finish my nap." Mudpie, however, looks grumpy in the photos linked below because she's fat and/or pregnant...her message might include a bit of "Urgh, moving made that nasty cramp come back.")

Mudpie is a reliable source of cute cat pictures, but we can't always search for calico cats at Petfinder. Hmm. What and white cats?

Poor little Ethan is a prisoner of the Humane Pet Genocide Society. Which is more important: rescuing Ethan, or denying HSUS money?
Garfield and Jon
Garfield and Jon were separated from their other siblings and are sticking together in Arlington:
Oni has a home (in New York) and isn't pleased that his human puts some sort of silly "job" ahead of staying home with him. (He's never met Heather but they have ideas in common.) Something about that expression of intelligent discontentment reminds me of my late lamented Bisquit, although she had bigger and paler orange spots...

On the dog side, Abby the Lab recommends:

Peace Love and Paws Short Sleeve Shirt - Crewneck
This isn't even an Amazon link; it links to a Lab rescue e-store.
Everyone needs to read Abby's Human's book...the new one:

Amazon still has copies of The Book of Barkley and Saving Grace, too.

Both cat and dog fanciers may want to take advantage of this news: Animal shelters across the United States are reducing "adoption fees" to $14 for the first two weeks of February. I checked. Some of these are HSUS shelters (beware!), but none of them is a shelter that I personally know to have been involved in petnapping scams (which means nothing really--please investigate all shelter pets' backgrounds carefully).


+Beth Ann Chiles recommends Plan Cee:


For those who are new to Beth Ann Chiles' blog, this post explains the "Comments for a Cause" system, and the charity you'll be supporting by commenting this month:


How to knit "gritty"...on a grid:


Some five-year-olds love to put gender labels on things. I was one. It was like a way of telling the world "Do not lump me together with my little brother! I'm a separate person...a girl!" This teacher, however, hasn't grown past that stage, and she also hasn't figured out how to engage girls in building and calculating. She is pushing these poor girls. "Girls only Lego club--no boys allowed," and if that doesn't do it "Boys will get their turn to play with Legos later {when Hell freezes over)"...Er-herm, y'stupid cow, Hell and most of Michigan should get a good layer of ice tonight...

Note that this Blaze post is actually a rerun; The Blaze followed up--to prod the teacher, and, I suspect, to direct attention to a story mentioning Legos...and apparently this teacher still hasn't thought of a way to lead and teach and inspire rather than bossing and bullying the students. If you want to get little girls interested in building things so that they learn math skills, some of the more obvious things to try would be: (1) Older girls or women play with blocks, or better yet build child-sized playhouses, with them. (2) Girly themes for building contests: "My Dream Bedroom," "My Play School," "Ultimate Dollhouse." (3) Bring in dolls and/or toy animals of the appropriate sizes and suggest that the girls build houses for them. Duh!


This one's no longer news; it's been sitting in a file of pages I was able to read, but not link, while offline...


Why would people from Virginia go to Ohio to hike in a National Forest? Hmm...because it could be the last chance? I, Priscilla King, support this petition and would like to take this hike. Adayahi, who has lived in Ohio and gone there as a visitor, does not support the petition...but in his demurral I hear undertones of "Better them than us" that I don't like. I say we need to reduce petrochemical consumption, not depend on fracking or strip mining or other abuses of the land God gave us, because what God gave us was stewardship not ownership; the right to use but not to destroy. GBP has so far stayed off this whole topic. In any case, here's the petition, for whatever it's worth to you readers.


We had snow on Sunday night and Monday morning; although air temperatures were well below freezing, they didn't stay there long enough for ground temperatures to go far below freezing, so all our little patches of snow melted before midday on Monday. +Alana Mautone , back in upstate New York, got enough snow to post pretty pictures:


What's a tufa? This:

John Horvat shares photos from Lourdes. He's a Catholic and takes the shrine very seriously. I'm not, and hope this comment won't strike Catholics as disrespectful of their sincere belief that this place is holy...that street! Kingsport readers, this is what a real "road diet" looks like.


Why I've always found it useful to make a very sharp distinction between what seems superficially "nice" and what is genuinely "good"...


Jerry Jenkins:


Wedding invitations are what's on sale on Zazzle today. This one shows dates; if you check out the category on Zazzle you'll see all kinds of designs meant to frame your (or your adult child's) engagement photos, as well as names and dates, on cards sent to your (yourall's) friends.

Modern Typography Photo Wedding Save the Dates Card

Modern Typography Photo Wedding Save the Dates Card

by stylelily