Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9 Keywords

Yes, I found time to read a lot of things online today. Unfortunately. First in line for the axe if site hosts don't use the Patreon link is; after that I'll be severing one unprofitable connection after another until the balance of online interaction becomes profitable. If you like publicity, you might want to consider pledging three dollars a month at

Keywords for the post you can see for just one dollar:

backyard chickens
Takoma Park, Maryland
Russian Blue cats
cat photos
low-income housing projects
John Stossel
Mexican food
black bean soup
veggie burgers
vegetarian recipes
+Andria Perry
hero cop
Tennessee news
indoor tomatoes
U.S. Cabinet confirmations
Denver Riggleman
+Sandy KS
semi truck
highway safety
traffic safety
smart TV
Vizio television set
Michelle Malkin
Janet McFarland