Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 28 Keywords

Today, even after some potentially paid Real Writing, I've found the energy to hit the e-mail...huzzah! Links in this one include a contest in which other writers could win folding money. And some Bad Poetry you can sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells"...and some thoughts about suicide! (No, not as an immediate option for myself, either.)

Amnesty International
Sara Beltran Hernandez
El Salvador
asylum laws
immigration laws
international activism
Fernando Alonso
El Arbol de los sueños (main Amazon book link)
writing project
translation project
poems about cows
news items about cows
Bad Poetry
Dan Lewis
flag burning
Koran burning
right to be stupid
importance of cash
hazards of non-cash economy
Alice Walker (the link goes to the feel-good sequel to her best-known novel)
Los Angeles, California
events in California
events in Arizona
Jewish sermon
Daniel 7:25
Mary and John McDougall
Grandma Bonnie Peters
aging and "real" retirement
ornamental Prunus
photo of hummingbird standing still
Milo Yiannopoulos 
race baiting
racist Tea Parties, if there are any, which I doubt
Ted Cruz
Ben Carson
child sex trafficking
Child Protective Services
sexually abused teenagers
Waco disaster of 1993
Scott Adams 
Bill Nye 
slipcases for magazines
assisted suicide
George Peters
Jack Kevorkian
Tegretol and suicidal ideation
writing contest
Falun Gong
religious persecution
photos of good-looking seniors