Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Black History Month and the D.C. Public Schools (Keywords)

Walter Williams' name attracted me to read his latest post at; the photo at the top of the post set me up in a nice nostalgic mood; the post ticked me off. The rant it triggered isn't fresh enough to be this week's Patreon post. I've posted similar things here. It's on Live Journal, though. Paid-up subscribers can probably guess what I had to say using the keywords below.

Allen West
Walter Williams
urban public schools
Washington, D.C., public schools
Louis Armstrong
Langston Hughes
gangsta rap
feminist rallies
college degree programs
digital images
Common Core math
Reuben Jackson
Washington Post 
Washington, D.C., demographics
Washington, D.C., rent rates
all able-bodied Black male retirees should be teaching