Thursday, March 9, 2017

Anger Management Posts Keywords

This reaction to +Beth Ann Chiles ' blog post outgrew the Link Log and is long enough to become this week's Patreon this time even LJ friends are getting just the keywords. If it goes live, on LJ or on Blogspot, it's long enough that it will probably be formatted as a series. Embedded links go to books cited; on Blogspot those (and more, especially the movies cited) will appear with Amazon photo links.
long brain stem
emotional repression
depression associated with brain damage
Priscilla King's depressive sister
how to use PMS for fun and profit
Virginia Satir's communication style analysis
Blamer Mode
verbal abuse
celiac disease
Priscilla King's experience in baby-sitting and tutoring
spanking children, the controversy
left-wing "snowflakes"
the 1980s as Age of Therapy
semi-objective way to measure anger-proneness
Novaco Anger Inventory
potential abuse of Novaco Anger Inventory
how to understand Novaco Anger Inventory
McDougall Webinars and Weekends
emotional abuse, example in Joseph Heller's novel Good as Gold
preventing depression by reframing "depressing" news
news reports as call to action
glyphosate contamination in gluten-free food
Shiva Ayyadurai
Mothers Against Drunk/Dangerous Driving
Priscilla King's anger inventory score
do amateurs overstate your anger-proneness, and if so, why
age and anger
money and anger
gender and anger
typecasting in popular movies
Agent Clarice Starling with bigger shoulders
people who are "too nice" to correct their teen employee
people who are not "too nice" to hit their own child for copying their teen employee
Beatles song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
bill reading
dangerous prescription drugs
John Holt as past master of education
Suzette Haden Elgin (Ozarque) as past master of communication (Bill Clinton's teacher)
Scott Adams as master of persuasion
Washington Post 
real Washingtonians enjoy their morning Post, how possible
how to use anger without raising blood pressure
women have cardiovascular disease too
Anger Busting

And, as a bonus for Blogspot readers who've read several references to my work with that intimidating old blind gentleman, George Peters...the series also references the role Tegretol played in the horrific final illness of George Peters. He was too mature and responsible to commit suicide, but...let's just say I would never let anyone give that drug to any person under age 70.