Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No More Link Logs

Yes, the computer reports, a lot of people "liked" the free blog posts last week. Lovely. So, where are the payments? No, the computer reports, nobody's made any payments.

So...the Internet Portal opened its real-world door, as an actual bookshelf inside a doorway, yesterday. I took in $3, which paid for a cheap gluten-free meal, which probably wasn't glyphosate-free and feels now as if it's doing more harm than good, in the way cheap meals usually do these days. Then today I spent four hours peddling things on the street in the hope of being able to pay for coffee and go online today, and...I found one penny. (Not even a very shiny one.) So I barged into the cafe and went online without buying coffee, which feels tacky and disgusting to me, and found all of you people whose work I've been dutifully reading and promoting...eating your junkfood, driving your cars, watching your pay-per-view shows...and not supporting this web site.

Right. This is the time of year when I most enjoy being at home. (I actually wanted to post a pretty phenology story about all the spring flowers. Not for free, I don't.) This is a time in American history when most of the time it seems that, without paying two or three times as much and travelling five or ten times as far to get everything certified organic, I'm going to starve to death in any case, whether I quietly stop eating or continue letting contaminated food shred my digestive system. Clearly, this is the time to do the Ultimate Hunger Strike.

Here's the full-length post:


You need to know that, if the other people on whom you're depending to sponsor this site do sponsor it, such that there are any more posts here, there will be NO MORE FREE LINKS. 

You want me to read or recommend anything that's neither my own writing nor a book I have for sale, you PAY. Continuing to gobble junkfood and drive cars while friends starve is not something friends do; therefore you readers aren't my friends and don't deserve any more free publicity. I don't see anyone else doing Link Logs. I see an Internet full of people screeching "ME first, read ME first," and very few people actually reading the ones who've not published Real, Commercially Successful Books in the Real World. I've been doing that...and let my sad story be a lesson to anyone else who bothers to read any of the "ME first" bloggers who've not even bothered to thank me, much less pay me, to compile all those Link Logs that promoted their stuff.

Say Niume or other sites that pay you for page views are real, and are working for you? Lovely. You can afford to pay me to visit those sites.