Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 7 Keywords

I spent the weekend in Disney Dwarf Mode: mostly Grumpy with a hint of Sneezy on Saturday, totally Grumpy on Sunday, and less Grumpy but very very Sleepy on Monday. I'm feeling human again now. However, the laptop computer got damp on the way to work this morning--not wet, merely damp--and went into a sulk and wouldn't connect to the Internet for the first hour of the work day... (more of this rambling at the pay-per-view post)

Dan Lewis
Washington, D.C., public schools
need for more good Black male teachers
non-Black men are needed, too
Fred Rogers
adoptable Rex cats
cute cat pictures
homeless cats
solution for cat allergy problems
retriever dog pictures
hackers should be locked up for life
day labor
government job
Salvation Army 
Social Services irrelevant to those willing to work
language learning
which language is easy to learn
Scott Adams 
how to win bets
how to take money from stupid gamblers
how to draw pictures
still life pictures
Stephanie Johnson's murals
Johnson City, New York
Johnson City, Tennessee
city planning
local zoning regulations
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Kingsport, Tennessee
Bristol, Tennessee
Washington, D.C.
Sacramento, California
U.N. Agenda 21
+Lloyd Marcus
Trump Rally
+Beth Ann Chiles
road trip
highway safety
good example of product placement
honest product endorsements
Elizabeth Barrette
science fiction poetry
speculative fiction
speculative fiction poetry