Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2 Keywords

"I don't understand the 'Keywords' posts," an e-friend complained. Why have I gone to posting lists of keywords instead of articles, Link Logs, and book reviews?

Answer: "Keywords" posts are not for reading, just for indexing. Each "Keywords" post identifies a post, of the type I've been putting up here for no charge, that is currently visible to "Friends Only" at Live Journal. ("Friends" is LJ-speak for paid-up subscribers.) Non-paying readers who visit will see my Twitter archives; once subscribers are set up as LJ "Friends" they'll see actual blog posts too. For $1 per month at Patreon, you can read all the complete posts at LJ and unlock one complete post here. Keywords show up here to help you and me keep track of which post you want to unlock...that means that, of course, you can unlock the ones that link to your articles, or your products or the general category of products in which yours fall.

As mentioned in the Greeting post, which people coming in from Google + aren't seeing, this web site has gone into pay-per-view mode. The archives are still available for free. To see new content, you can pay online at

or send a U.S. postal order to Boxholder, P.O. Box 322, Gate City, Virginia, 24251-0322. (Since postal employees are occasionally retired and replaced, it's more efficient for you to address mail to the Boxholder at Box 322 rather than for me to explain to each new person that "Priscilla King" is a business.)

Now, Keywords for today's Links, and I found some juicy Links today...

photogenic collie-mix-type dogs seeking homes
Priscilla King's cat Heather
Priscilla King's cat Tickle
Priscilla King's new cat Suzie
Priscilla King's possum Pally
social cats
pale orange cats who crave love
adopt a pet from a disabled neighbor
adopt a pet before it "has to" be put in a shelter
+Sandy KS
Mournful Sphinx Moth
+Thelma Alberts
tropical butterfly pictures
"The Personal Moth"
Dr. Seuss Day
+Lady in Read
Haroun and the Sea of Stories 
+Andria Perry
Laura Ingraham
The Hillary Trap
The Obama Diaries
Shut Up and Sing
Of Thee I Zing,
Power to the People 
Laura Ingraham's charities
New York City Marathon
can you see Priscilla King live in NYC Marathon? (Yes...but it'll cost a minimum of $2500.)
Stephen Moore
Ash Wednesday
McDougall-endorsed recipes
John McDougall's advice to young doctors:
Devona Bell
celiac sprue
glyphosate and gluten intolerance
cerebral palsy and food intolerance
raising tomatoes
Naomi the Nature Nerd
crocus in Illinois
tornado in Illinois
Publius Huldah speaks in Lewis County, Tennessee, Monday
the most influential libertarians in the United States
Thomas Sowell
Congressman Dave Brat
Dave Barry
other influential libertarians meeting in Las Vegas
National Review 
+Beth Ann Chiles
cruise as medical checkup and treatment option
McDougall cruises (California-Hawaii-California)
McDougall vacations (California)
cancer hazard in California
Kellyanne Conway
unflattering photos
Washington Post
shopping for dresses in Washington, D.C.
L.L. Bean dresses (catalogue link!)
Talbots dresses (catalogue link!)
find these dresses in charity stores