Friday, March 3, 2017

March 3 Keywords

Gentle Readers, I am puzzled. The local couple who claimed to want to make payments online have made their feeble excuse for weaselling out...well, I didn't know them all that well and we should never trust people who don't pay cash when they can...but where are your payments? Some of you know how to click a button. That's nice. Unfortunately, clicking buttons doesn't keep the electricity on, nor does it buy groceries or pay taxes. I'm feeling discouraged. Patreon will allow you to pay one dollar a month; that's why I set it up. I don't believe that's more than you can afford. Clearly you don't appreciate your e-friends, readers, or signal boosters. I've not heard from any of you, even at Fiverr, all week.

This web site's Terms of Service are changing again. March is here. March weather is not to be wasted on the Internet unless the time a person spends on the Internet is greatly appreciated. Until I start seeing e-mail from Paypal, I'm not willing to commit to more than one visit to cyberspace each week...and each time I come online and don't see e-mail from Paypal, I'm adding another source of e-mail to the spam list.

long-haired gray cats
adoptable cats
adoptable dogs
Freedom of Information Act
Dwight D. Eisenhower
New York Times
Dan Lewis
Youth Behaving Well:
wind energy
gluten-free recipe
health benefits of keeping pets
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
safety standards for Monsanto's GMOs
early spring
long thaw
killing frost
JP Sixbear aka Jaipi aka Jeanne Frost
Weebly shop for pretty pictures
partisan politics
reasons not to buy airline tickets
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Rachel Dolezal
Amadou Diallo
major newspaper headline blooper
earn free stuff at Yougov