Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15 Keywords

Yesterday's Link Log might have been a dry one for some e-friends. I owe them a juicy one. I'll try...let's start with some adorable fluffy animals, a long rant that The Nephews may read free of charge, lots of links to Google+ friends....and here's where you go in order to read my comments on your links:

If you prefer to pay specifically for something done just for you, and deal directly with me without receiving bids and pleas from a lot of other people, you can go here...

...or just e-mail salolianigodagewi, or send a real postcard (I like postcards, especially +Ruth Cox 's dog picture postcards) to the Boxholder at P.O. Box 322.

Here are the keywords to today's hidden post:

cute animal pictures
+Beth Ann Chiles 
Siberian cat breed
Siberian and Manx mixed breed
Siberian and Maine Coon Cat mixed breed 
Craig Shirley's biography of Ronald Reagan 
Jim Geraghty
air pollution 
radiation from nuclear plants 
epidemic of rare childhood cancer
Mark Zuckerberg
Cracked magazine
young and poor in the United States
Dan Lewis
refurbishing an old house
Steve Milloy 
flawed scientific research
McDougall Webinar
digestive health
people who are gluten-intolerant but continue to feel sick after going gluten-free
people who get some benefit from going gluten-free but are not actually gluten-intolerant
people who don't digest animal fats and proteins well
mental health
Snoop Dogg 
Queen Latifah 
Larry Elder's not a musician, he is in radio.
snow pictures
+Alana Mautone
Carol from Indiana
Washington Post
+Sandy KS from Ohio

snow survival tips
Democratic Party is the party of "the donor class"
Penny Nance
Judge Gorsuch
opening line from an excellent book