Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 17 Keywords

(Sorry I failed to post this on the day it was written...)

New friends on Live Journal, Twitter, etc., need to be paid-up subscribers on Patreon in order for me to follow them. Sorry to disappoint a reader overseas who just "friended" me on LJ....I am making it a goal to read more LJ posts from bloggers I've e-known, but not faithfully followed, for years. That's light-reading-as-time-allows, not "friending" or "following." If you want to be "friended" or "followed" and regularly read, use this link:

(Btw, that's where the new rants, raves, and potential book sections are going, too. Paid-up Patreons get one extra post that nobody else gets to read, weekly. This week I put off ranting until this morning, then pounded out a few hundred words on Maimonides. It didn't leave enough time for a massive Link Log; I did a relatively short one.)

Wendy Welch
rescuing cats
"Hazel's House" in Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Elizabeth Barrette
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Burke's Gamble
Charlie Pride Youtube videos
Merle Haggard
Pete Seeger
platonic love
romantic love
erotic love
idealistic love
Jonah Goldberg
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Sam Harris
+Alana Mautone
Dan Lewis
dark sky
light pollution