Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 14 Keywords

I was online only part of the day yesterday, and didn't reserve enough time to post the keywords for the friends-locked post at Live Journal. For just one dollar you can see the links and comments...I said "pay-per-view," but I'm not online enough to make that a firm rule. If you chip in a dollar and have a LJ account, you'll be able to see everything for a month or so.

cute tortoiseshell cat picture
Valentine card with cat picture
+LB Johnson
cute mixed-breed dog pictures
Rachel Tolman Terry (which of the Rachel Tolmans on Google + is she?)
Hugh Aaron's small press site
Hugh Aaron's novel When Wars Were Won
Chris Pratt
John McDougall, M.D.
McDougall Experience for couples
Laura McKowen
Dan Lewis
+Martha DeMeo
Victoria Cooley (I still don't know which one she is, either)
antique furniture stores
antique stores on U.S.-Canada border
jazz bands
Kyle Etges
Kyle Etges' signature tune
Jim Geraghty
Kim Jongnam murdered
ED (U.S. Department of Education)
Jim Babka
U.S. HR 899 at Popvox