Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's a Meme! 38 Fun Facts About You

Remember those blog "memes" that used to circulate, where your e-friend posted some trivial fact(s) about her/himself and you linked to it and posted the same facts about you?

1. Like blue cheese dressing?


2. "Snuck out" as a child?

Not from home, but from school, yes.

3. Coke or Dr. Pepper?

Of the two, Coke, but I usually buy Mountain Dew or Mello Yello. Recently, I've also been drinking the Dollar Store's store-brand counterpart to Mountain Dew. It's cheaper because it contains more water and less caffeine; later in the day, that's a good thing.

4. What flavor Kool-Aid?

I never liked any flavor Kool-Aid.

5. Nervous before a doctor's appointment?

If I made a doctor's appointment I'd probably be way beyond nervous. I've not made one for years.

6. Hot dogs?

I like the all beef, all chicken, all turkey brands. I don't eat pork.

7. Favorite Christmas movie?

I don't think I've ever really liked a Christmas movie.

8. Prefer to drink in the morning?

At home, caffeinated fruit-flavored soda pop. At the cafe, Appalachian Morning coffee.

9. Can you do push-ups?

My problem with regulation push-ups was always bending my toes that far back. I can do them en pointe, with my feet straight, no trouble...but I have Morton's Toes, which don't bend as far back as the standard kind because they grow in a curve rather than a straight line. I used to do ten in a minute and my Drill Sergeant Dad used to growl "Those don't count." I don't think I've ever done one that Dad would admit as a Real Push-Up.

10. Favorite piece of jewelry?

If I have one, it'd be a friendship ring or bracelet from a child. Even while married, I was married to a fellow ex-Adventist; we'd both spent our formative years going to churches that perform weddings without rings.

11. Favorite hobby?


12. Attention deficiency disorder?

No. I think the closest relative who (might have) ever had that would be the one I give the screen name of "Great-Uncle Vito." He never used any medication for it, and he was still keeping track of who had and hadn't come to visit him in the nursing home when he was 99.

13. Wear glasses?

No, and I dread the day when I'll have to. My astigmatism is getting worse. Glasses that work for astigmatism have to be custom-made and are expensive.

14. Childhood idol?

I was always warned against "idolizing" anybody...but since +Sandy KS mentioned naming dolls "Sarah" I'll mention that I went through a phase of naming not all dolls, pets, toy animals, etc., "Tamara," but only the one I considered most interesting in each category. In honor of Tamara Press...I was a radical feminist at a very early age!

(Full story: What I'd actually seen somewhere was "Tamera," an old name for the country now called Egypt. Things I'd seen or heard and not understood used to stick in my mind when I was a child. A girl at school was called Tammy. I asked whether her "real name" was Tamera, the way Cathy's "real name" was Catherine and Sherry's was Sharon and so on, and got "Where'd you get that? That's not even a name." I was pretty sure it was a name, all right...and a few weeks later I pounced on a report about Tamara and Irina Press being chromosomal males. I got, "Oh, well, Russian names don't count." We didn't have to dive under our desks regularly any more, but the Cold War was still on. Anyway I remember thinking that "Tamara" was a beautiful name, possibly because it proved that I'd remembered something all the adults I knew had apparently forgotten or failed to learn!)

15. 3 thoughts you're having right now?

(1) How much time is this whimsical post taking?
(2) What else do I need to do today?
(3) Has it stopped raining yet? Right, I'm looking out a window and not seeing rain, but has it really stopped, enough that it won't be raining when I go home?

16. Drink daily?

Water. Soda or coffee, one or the other, sometimes both.

17. Current worry?

I'm wearing the shoes that are already ruined by sloshing through flooded streets, which have holes in them. As a result of my wearing these shoes last week one of my toes has a small hole in it--a skin abrasion. After sloshing through flooded streets the shoes have a bacterial odor. Will the bacteria cause an infection in my scraped toe?

18. Current hate?


19. What happened to #19?

20. Bring in the New Year?

Watch the clock tick over, then go to bed.

21. Would like to go?


22. Three people who will complete this meme?

Without checking I'm guessing that +Andria Perry and possibly +Marsha Cooper and/or +Martha DeMeo and/or +Barbara Radisavljevic might do it. Batch of middle-aged female e-friends who've written for several of the same writing sites for years...

23. What happened to #23?

24. Shirt color?


25. Satin sheets?

There's a lot of difference between silk satin and petrochemical satin, but I like cotton sheets.

26. Can you whistle?


27. Where are you now?

Roberts Family Bakery Cafe. (And a sponsor gave me some money this morning and orders to buy some food and post about it. Since I've already posted about their coffee and the gluten-free "Cow Patties" I sampled the Taco Soup. It was yummy and theoretically gluten-free, but corn tends to be a gamble these days so I'll postpone the real rave until I find out whether the corn is the kind with E. coli engineered into it.)

28. Would you be a pirate?


29. Sing in the shower?

Rarely, and not the same song. I do sing around the house...usually whatever's been suggested to my mind by something I've read.

30. Favorite "girl name"?

As an adult Names Maven I have lots of "favorites." We'd need to narrow it down by suggesting a theme. To keep this quick and frivolous I'll mention that "Sandy" was another favorite when I was a slightly older child--although I'd found it first in Sandy's Spurs and Sand Dune Pony Mystery, which I read the same year, and thought of "Sandy" as a "boy name" that year. (Next year, I became acquainted with a girl called Sandy and mostly liked her, and became familiar with the concept of unisex names.)

31. Favorite "boy name"?

When my natural sister was born, my brother and I were asked to make lists of "girl names" and "boy names" from which our parents would pick our new sibling's given name. (I was specifically warned not to include "any weird names like 'Tamara'." And I still think that that's a beautiful name, for anyone who happens to be Russian anyway, so there!) My lists already included 26 names in each category. I won't disclose what my parents actually picked when my sister arrived, but since they didn't have to pick "boy names" I'll mention that "Mark" and "John" were at the top of the list, and would still be there today.

I also like "David" or "Dave," "Michael" or "Mike," and "Stephen" or "Steve." Such typical baby-boomer picks. I would never consider "Carol," "Susan," "Cathy," "Debby," "Sherry," or "Jennifer" for a girl...although those are nice names for nice women who've survived always having the same given name as at least one other little girl, in every class, all the way through school. In real life, if I had to name a boy I'd probably take that into consideration.

32. In pocket now?

Keys, coins.

33. Last thing that made you laugh?

I opened P.J. O'Rourke's web site while linking to a review of The Baby Boom that will pop up here within the next week.

34. Drive?

Ugh, ick, only if I haaaaff to...the last thing I drove was my Significant Other's big, bad F-250 where I had to unbuckle the seat belt to sit on the edge of the seat and reach the pedals. (He likes it that way. He is a foot taller than I am.) Only across a work site, and only on a dare.

35. Worst injury?

I've been so blessed as to have only ever had bones dislocated, never cracked or broken, by injuries. Some injuries hurt while they lasted but none did any permanent damage. The one that lasted longest was a hip dislocation I inflicted on myself by minimizing the damage from an ankle sprain. That one kept me away from mountain trails for several months and thus made me a full-time Associated Content writer.

36. How many TVs at home?


37. Like to dance?

Yes, but don't tell people in my home town, ha ha. In Washington there's an active folk dancing community and lots of opportunities for wholesome family square dance parties. In my home town there's a "dance school" for little kids and their parents, and then there are people who go to dancing-and-drinking-and-probably-worse clubs in nearby small cities, which is a completely different set of people than the people I know.

38. Flavor of ice cream?

I like the ones with crunchy bits mixed in...I'm far too miserly to buy plain, smooth ice cream, sauces, nuts, and/or candies separately and create original flavor mixes at home, although that was one of the most enjoyable ways students used to gain weight in the Berea College cafeteria. 

Now back to the e-mail...