Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Petition They Have to Be Joking to Have Sent to Me

Here, for your amusement, is a petition that, as far as I'm concerned, is massively less viable than a snowflake's chances in Hell, Michigan, where a lot of snowflakes should be good for another month or more even without refrigeration.

They can't possibly be serious. Petition for more tax-funded insurance to pay parasitic agents more than the $50 per hour out of which the parasites are paying the home health nurses $18 per hour?

Duh...what about privately paying a deserving college student who's taken a basic nursing assistant's course $20 per day plus room and board to be this little boy's nanny? That'll give the student a way to pay for part of her or his tuition, and the parents can probably afford to pay it all by themselves.

The sign is recommended for the page. This web site suspects that the disabled child's mother is not actually stupid so much as frazzled. For her this web site recommends a weekend at a nice quiet beach, if there still is one within a day's drive from San Diego.

The book is recommended to anyone who enjoys laughing at documentation of humans talking/writing without thinking.