Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25 Links

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Will Patreon actually bring this site closer to working like a real magazine, collecting readers' $1 or $5 per month? I hope so; that'll bring us close to being able to pay for your content and post it in all its beauty, rather than merely linking to it. For $1 you get to take polls and see previews at the Patreon page below, and you get thank-you notes. For $3 Patreon suggested that I promise to follow you on Twitter, which is cool, except I don't spend a lot of actual time on Twitter. For $5, however, you get to pick a book I'll discuss here...send a printed book and I'll find something nice to say about it. More and better perks at:

...include that, if you chip in $250, I'll invest in a decent camera and do full-length gorgeous phenology posts. (I've been wanting to do that from the beginning.)


Mudpie invites humans (actually, she probably intended only her human) to play that tickle-me-so-I-can-grab-you game:

So it's a cat day: polychrome and polydactyl cats:

Bonded Baby Cats: Reese & Willow
Willow from New York travels with a sibling:
Cuddly Mittens from Reston (Virginia) travels with at least one and preferably three siblings:
L.T. from Tallahassee... "You, I mean you! Get me out of this cage!" Can't blame her for being impatient after three years in a shelter. Mercy. She walks with a permanent limp, but she can deal with it--why can't the humans? It's not as if she were going to have kittens anyway.
Smaller animals: Illinois plans a statewide celebration of monarch butterflies:


Liz Curtis Higgs on The Women of Easter:


It's Cracked, therefore it's snarky, but here are the silly but true stories of six successful teenaged inventors.


Even the McDougalls must eventually slow down. Only one "Advanced Study Weekend" in Santa Rosa is scheduled for this year. Here's one of the featured speakers:

And tomorrow's "Webinar" is a free-for-all--no assigned reading, just ask John McDougall anything.


Lenore Skenazy discusses movies that have contributed to our current culture of paranoia:


Cardinals in Illinois in January? Are they spending the whole winter that far north, these days, or just venturing north during the thaw?

(It's interesting to remember that an old scientific name for Virginia Red Birds used to be Richmondena cardinalis because Richmond, Virginia, used to be the northern border of their range! Those cheerful-looking little birds that sing "Cheer, cheer, cheer" have really thrived in close association with humans; they now live year-round north of the Mason-Dixon Line.)


Pursuant to recent discussions of seals and selkies...


+Martha DeMeo shares a memorial poem:

Valentine's Day verse in celebration of verbification...and a bonus image of deep pinkness that might or might not belong on a Valentine card, but it's the natural source of (relatively wholesome) annatto food coloring.

January poem: