Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11 Links

Book reviews and e-mail have filled up this day. I'm still several pages behind the e-mail, but not twenty pages, at the end of the day. Links in the Categories: Animals, Christian, Education, Health, Writing.


It's a dog day at Petfinder...Corgis. (Visit +Beth Ann Chiles ' blog, if your browser can handle a very short and browser-friendly video, and see why.) I've never lived with a Corgi, but they're a good enough breed for the Queen of England. I was quite surprised to see how many are up for adoption. Well, half-breed Corgis anyway. Please investigate shelters that offer purebred dogs for adoption very thoroughly; the fact that shelters put up the money to register as nonprofit organizations, which so far the Cat Sanctuary has not done, in no way prevents shelter "volunteers" from being petnappers. Some are, and I have no way to investigate the sources of these cute dog photos...I think the dogs' being unauthorized crossbreeds may be a good sign.

Poppins from Washington, D.C.:
Peanut from Brooklyn:
Marge from Atlanta:

This is one of those's not overtly religious, it's from an addiction-recovery site, but it's linked here because sober, practicing Christians sooo need to read it. (Trigger warning: contains the level of slang and profanity typical of twelve-step group material.)


When I was in elementary school, it was taken as read that all kids disliked going to school and thought we'd never find any use for the information we were supposed to learn (when we were actually exposed to information--we spent a lot of time just being marched around and yelled at, or hanging out on the bare pavement that was called a playground). Dan Lewis documents that elementary school science lessons can, in fact, be very useful:


Here's proof that the "herd immunity theory of vaccinations" is garbage. (Actually, simple logic proves it's a useless theory: if vaccination works, and you have been vaccinated, it won't make a bit of difference to you how many people may be unvaccinated and/or infected with the disease.) Here, also, is proof that many vaccinations are (and have been) garbage. And the best part is...for most people who have the disease as children, mumps doesn't even hurt. Kids who get mumps wake up one morning with a sudden resemblance to squirrels, with or without a low fever; while their faces are swollen, eating or talking may or may not become uncomfortable. Kids who are particularly bored at school may, as I did, positively enjoy a week-long "vacation" from school. This is as close to a pain-free wake-up call as Reality ever hands out.

Elizabeth Gilbert...I don't read a lot of her kind of books these days, but I have seen them in stores and libraries.