Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22 Links

Surprise...I have time to check e-mail and share a few links. Categories: Animals, Politics, Writing.


Presidential cats...I must have read before, but forgotten until I started living with polydactyl cats, that at one time America's First Cat was a polydactyl called Slippers.

Are cats actually shy about genetic quirks like extra toes? It took me a long time to get snapshots even I could recognize of Heather's big six-toed feet; they're the marks I'd use to identify her if Things Happened, but she doesn't seem to like their being admired, much less photographed. And her sister Iris was born with a permanent kink in her long tail, and...I can't be too positive about this...when Iris was five or six months old I started seeing her chewing on her tail a lot, and then suddenly she turned up with a small, neat wound at the end of a short, straight tail.

Anyway, in honor of Vice-Presidential Cat Pickle, here are some orange and white cats in search of good homes:

Bashful from Reston (Virginia)...may be bashful now, but I'm guessing he won't be bashful long. Peaches-and-cream cats get attached to people, places, even other cats.
Patchy the Precious Purr-machine
Patchy from Brooklyn:

Anybody can afford to adopt Elizabeth, a Georgia Peach:
Politics (General)

If you can buy the Washington Times it's worth looking for Adam Brandon's libertarian manifesto. If you want to read it online, getting to "Print Preview" mode may take a little longer than it does with National Review articles, and there's not a separate link that takes you straight to the readable version.

Google has a problem with its algorithm? Hmm. Maybe with its Al Gore influence? "If document contains any member of [set: 'Republican' sources], file as opinion"? There's nothing new about people who regard anything a member of some defined "opposition" group says, including "It's raining outside," as personal opinions...except that, due to confusion about the fact that "Liberal" has been the name of a political party in some foreign countries, these days some people actually describe the people whose definition of "opinion" is "anything said by anyone outside my party" as liberal. Which is like describing ravens as white.

Politics (Presidential)

Where are the Obamas going?

Past-presidential smackdowns anyone? I say Obama totally outclassed Clinton on manners and "class," while the Clinton Administration years were much better than the Obama Administration years on sheer economic timing...but at telling outright lies with a straight face, the cosmopolitan gentleman and the Arkansas redneck were evenly matched. This is of course endlessly debatable. Blaze and Post lists of Obama's presidential lies overlap, but are not identical:


Stories about hope should in theory be linked here, during the week:

Scott Adams on communication: