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January 26 Links

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Posthumous photo of a beautiful "tortie" cat:

But we just looked at tortoiseshell cats in search of good homes. In honor of Vice-Presidential Cat Oreo, since this web site honored Vice-Presidential Cat Pickle, what about some black cats? Truffles was all but black, anyway...

Joanie aka Jonas
Joanie or Jonas from Arlington: "If this is not my permanent home, what is?" Mink and Fluffy are still waiting for their homes, too.
And in New York, Myth and Merlin are still in search of good homes...but heads up! Frenchie may have been petnapped, and needs careful investigation.

Care from that "care" as in "brother to Love and Snuggles," or as in "needs extra..."? The web site doesn't say! Peanut still needs a home, too...
...How discouraging that three (technically five) of those Petfinder accounts are still open. Three of the world's cutest black cats are still trapped in the shelter system.

Wild animals:


There are valid reasons why writers use screen names that differ from their pen names--especially to meet Live Journal requirements (where Ozarque a.k.a. Suzette Haden Elgin, Time Shark a.k.a. Mike Allen, and Ysabetwordsmith a.k.a. Elizabeth Barrette leap to mind). But it can be confusing when readers are meeting or introducing a brand-new writer, like Nikki Hasselhoff a.k.a. Heather Averhoff. Grumble, grumble. Anyway, for those who enjoy fiction with at least one major character guaranteed to remain romance-free, Hasselhoff/Averhoff has published two volumes in a series:

This writer managed to finish a novel while homeschooling. I'm impressed.

For those who prefer history:

This web site recently discussed a comic novel in which the protagonist's father has left home to move in with his boyfriend. That novel was written from Pennsylvania...

...and here's the real neighborhood that has to have inspired the "Popular Street" in the novel:

Food (Yuck) 

Well, first of all I wouldn't eat a crab if I were on a pier on Maryland's Eastern Shore, because I've observed the habits of crabs. Second of all, I wouldn't buy meat online. And third of all, I wouldn't buy seafood from a place identified with Kansas City--you know that can't possibly be local produce! However, I was disappointed that a correspondent mentioned having (1) bought frozen crab legs from this company, (2) been asked to write a review of same, (3) written the said review, (4) mentioned that the crab legs came from China (which should have been on the web page but wasn't), and then (5) was informed that the review would not be posted. Well, Gentle Readers...a crab is a crab is a crab, but if anybody in Virginia is interested in a crab, living or dead, hello, that's what Maryland is known for. Do not buy crab legs from Kansas City Steaks. In fact, because of their censorship of accurate information about how far those crab legs have travelled after their original owner died, this web site recommends not buying anything from Kansas City Steaks.


Why some people hate "conservatives"? This Monsanto hack-weasel pounces on one of the recent formal studies about glyphosate, a.k.a. "Roundup"--the one where the scientists went for Big Funding and investigated a link to cancer, which, because cancer has many causes and develops slowly, was almost guaranteed to produce an inconclusive study, and did produce one. We don't know to what extent any specific chemical, including DDT, causes cancer; some people who handled DDT recklessly, in quantity, in the 1940s are still alive and cancer-free, and many people whose exposure to DDT was minimal have died from cancer. What we do know for sure is that glyphosate does not prevent or cure cancer. But we also know that glyphosate-treated and "Roundup-Ready" foods make people sick; we do know that when glyphosate has been sprayed on live plants, we're likely to find a lot of dead birds, starting a few hours after spraying and continuing until the next heavy rain; we do know that when people have sprayed "Roundup" in their homes and yards, much as some of those people may want to believe that they've safely killed a lot of smaller lifeforms they don't like, we can observe those people showing more severe symptoms of all kinds of conditions we may or may not notice them having--"allergies," "depression," dyslexia, hyperactivity, lethargy, even pain and setbacks and delayed recovery from a previous injury. Instead of which, this corporate shill takes the fact that the study about Monsanto causing cancer is inconclusive and spins it into the outright lie that "Roundup is beneficial." Anybody claiming that glyphosate is beneficial, to anything or anyone, should be locked up and forcibly fed a gallon of it. On television.

(Yes, I tweeted that, and I'm glad. Actually I can think of a better thing to do to the corporate shill, but it's too gross for this web site.)

On a different track, Norb Leahy reminisces about how the insurance industry destroyed the medical care system:


Did you know Laura McKowen designs "Introverts Unite" T-shirts?

Buy it at

Susan Cain had already explained why some of us become addicts, whether we do or don't have the Irish-and-Native-American-majority gene for alcoholism. U.S. culture pressures us to act like (phoney, obnoxious) extroverts, that's why. Handing someone a drink "is like saying 'here, have a glass of extroversion'."

Somewhere out there a fellow introvert needs LMcK's latest reflection on sobriety, or you can do this too:


+LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer shares a love story in old songs. I can't listen to them but I think it's possible for some of you actually to listen to the songs.


Random act of kindness:


Two things the late Eugene Cernan and Mary Tyler Moore had in common: other Americans became familiar with them from television before my home town had television. These obituaries aren't memory triggers for me but undoubtedly are for some people:


Winter is back at last. As I walked to the cafe, temperatures were in the twenties (Fahrenheit--that'd be about -5 Celsius at the Cat Sanctuary, typically one Celsius-degree warmer downtown) and tiny random snowflakes were falling. We had more thaw days than typical January days this year, as in 1980, and, as in 1980, we can expect the price of any apples that may be locally grown to become very high. A long January thaw is by definition rainy and disappointing to visitors:

No pretty snow scenes? Just wait, Old Man Winter is whispering this morning. Just you wait! Heh-heh!


+Beth Ann Chiles shares more beach scenes:

+Martha DeMeo shares a day in the life of a successful interior decorating shop. (I'm not sure which, if any, of the Victoria Cooleys on Google + is the one who should be following The Martha know who you are.)

Stephanie Johnson is on Blogspot, so should be on Google +, but the system isn't plussing her name properly...anyway, she's posted a photo essay showing how she paints a mural, step by step. Pretty cool if your browser can handle small simple pictures, but lots of them:

Game faces of weary Washingtonians, resolutely discouraging paparazzi...this picture is such a nostalgia trip! These are the faces of the people who encourage you not to "march on Washington" in any large-scale demonstration, which always make the city so much more unpleasant for visitors and residents alike. Give yourselves a chance to like Washington. Trickle out there in small enough groups to stay in a friend's home or camp in your van. It's a pleasant city, as cities go, when it's not jamming with people angry because the crowds are forcing them to miss their connections and stand up with taller people's armpits in their faces on the train.


Welsh legend revived...reminding me of a Welsh writers' forum that was kind enough to let me in, on no better credentials than having relatives whose name is Jones and having more or less completely failed to learn Welsh from a college roommate, and I've neglected them, despite lots of English-language, U.S.-accessible, even sports-related content. (And books, as mentioned above. And recipes. And gift items.)

The forum hosts poetry contests, and there's a page for's my favorite in the current batch:


One way of looking at President Trump's performance...


Want to write something rebellious? Links go here:


Cards are on sale...and are recommended for use when sending money orders...

Rooster Crowing Cute 90th Birthday Card

Rooster Crowing Cute 90th Birthday Card

by SmilinEyesTreasures

(Does that say "turning 90" or "turning 20"? Cross it out and fill in whatever you're actually celebrating!)