Thursday, January 15, 2015

Link Log for January 15

Well, I'm not going to finish what I was doing, because the computer center is closing early due to snow. Here's the Link Log...seems to be the most popular feature on the site these days.

There could be a better way to load a dishwasher...or, better still, when washing only enough dishes for a typical one-to-four-person meal, you could consider just washing them by hand. Saves time, money, energy, and avoids attracting pests to the dishwasher.

Guest posts on The new site's worth checking out anyway. As indicated by my comments, it's working much better than the old one did.

And here's an actual, without the annoying pop-up ad!

This rug was really only a mistake! No rugmaker was making a statement about police dogs, or other police policies, or procedures, or...oh right...

Interactive post by Elizabeth Barrette, likely to contain several inspiring stories by tomorrow morning.

Drawing by Grace Ellen at

I "plus" Franklin Graham's politically incorrect message...but it is reported at The Blaze, a site that tends to attract raucous and sometimes obnoxious comments.

James Haste makes a good point:

Nice, simple, anybody-can-do-this quilt top:

Yes, this link is mine, but I'd like everybody to notice it. Women can take the "electrician helper" class too; it's right up the alley of laid-off coal miners who've already learned about wiring lights inside a mine, and also tends to appeal to returning veterans, but M.E.C.C. classes are accessible to everybody. I'd be interested in taking the free class if I could join a car pool at least for the trip home.

Judy Gray Johnson, local author and beater of odds, whose first book I discussed here at length a few years ago, has published a new book called Resilience. Definitely one for the Wish List.

Not necessarily the favorite, but the most singable of a set of poems by Richard Rowell:

Ten things our grandparents didn't do that we do all the time? Hmm. You might want to check...

I do find that a machine dries laundry better than the humid air in my overforested part of the world. And likewise, around here, nature wastes more water than any household could ever manage to waste. Apart from that, I think I do all the things Homemade By Jade's grandparents did. (I know I have one of the smallest carbon footprints in America--maybe not the smallest, because I do use electricity. I'm not amused by cap-and-trade garbage-talk about my wood-and-garbage-burning stove.)

Surprisingly, although their most active time is sundown, most cats' next most active time is sunup. They can be good alarm clocks if allowed to be. Or, if you need to work late, you can train either dogs or cats not to wake you too early...

Sometimes an image can be distracting. I clicked on this page because it contains an excellent quote, looked at the image of Ronald Reagan doing a prune face, found myself wanting to comment "If only my hair would look like that at age 70...rather than right now."

So here's another link to the same photographer's page. (I seriously believe that, when college girls start wearing head scarves and shawls for reasons other than warmth, they do think they look fat. Or blotchy, or whatever other thing they don't like about their hair or skin.)

Serious thought for today...I'm pretty sure this web site has mentioned the often overlooked fact that the Bible's prescriptions for criminal justice were often much less harsh than ours. (Hat tip to the late Charles Colson, and the late Sheldon Emry, for preaching this idea when I was a little baby Bible Maven in my early teens.) Rand Paul and Cory Booker are taking up this idea.

If you watch "Downton Abbey," are you interested in the books mentioned on the show? I don't watch TV; I'm fractionally more interested (more than zero) in watching a show that mentions these books: