Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Link Log for January 21

First: The McDougalls now send out e-mail...but they've not worked all the bugs out yet. A triumphant e-mail showing the cover of a Woman's World feature article about the McDougall diet ("good carbs") opened in the browser window showing a Twitter button, but that Twitter button didn't work. So here's where to see the WW their trademark competing-with-tabloids style, it shrieks "LOSE 200 LBS. EATING GOOD CARBS!"(And would you? Possibly, if you had 200 pounds to lose and followed the weight-loss version of the McDougall diet for a year or two. I have to admit that all I've ever lost by rigorous "McDougalling" was fifteen or twenty pounds...but that was all I needed to lose. One does not waste away on a low-fat vegan diet. In combination with exercise, the diet can even help some young people gain weight...losing flab, building bone and muscle.)

Next: Bash those plagiarists, Sarah!

Between many cities, taking the bus is safer and cheaper than driving...even for people who own cars and don't hate driving as much as I do. Believe it or not, even Gate City, with its population just over 2000 and its three traffic lights, used to have bus service to Kingsport and Big Stone Gap. Very likely we could have bus service to those towns again if M.E.O.C. would move its big fat boondoggle out of the way.

Quote from Mark Levin being batted around Twitter:

"If you look at the length of history, it's not the private sector that has slaughtered & enslaved human beings. It's government."
The gluten-free life...not without its perils. (Thanks to annoying John1282 at Junkscience for sharing this link. Yes, these things are true, and none of them is exactly good news for those of us who have no realistic alternative to staying gluten-free for as long as we care to stay alive. What do I do about the extra fat and sugar often found in gluten-free grain products? I rarely eat them; most of the time I eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, and brown rice, instead of processed grain products.)
This explains an incident on the way to the computer center...first an older man, who looked like one of those distant relatives who all look pretty much alike to me after I've not seen them for three years, insisted on buying my drink at the convenience store down the street. And then, on the sidewalk outside the store, an older relative whom I've seen more recently and recognized distracted me from asking whether he recognized the first one by asking for a hug. That relative has a sister who got into hugging after heart surgery, but he's never been a huggybear, nor have I, and certainly not on the street...Oh, well. For local readers who might have wondered, he's my first cousin once removed; the sister was our baby-sitter. Happy "National Hug Day," Gentle Readers. Go and hug whichever of your relatives can survive the shock.

All news from Karen Bracken is good news, even an e-mail that contains a broken link. (She still signs off with the americadontforget link; when I clicked on it, what opened was a screen announcing that the domain was up for resale.) (Tennessee Against Common Core) need to discuss this with Ted Como at the Kingsport Times-News. He keeps saying that Tennessee has no reason not to want to raise its academic standards to match Virginia's. He's right about that. He seems not to be aware of the expensive gadgets, and their built-in child safety hazards, involved in fully implementing Common Core. All Tennessee readers are invited to discuss these things here:

Fair disclosure: Although the position of this web site is that any fracking is too much and any earthquakes are too many, I do invite everyone to read the article linked below. And think about it. Enough of an earthquake to knock a dish off a table is enough of an earthquake to create a landslide that would bury the workers in a coal mine...just for instance. Is this the kind of thing that creates the stereotype that National Review readers don't caaare about the working peeeeople?

Cute, touching dog picture and story...

Quilt image. (Btw, if any needle crafters want to generate additional publicity for things you may be selling on E-Bay or Etsy or Zazzle or other web pages of your choice, please feel free to send JPG images to salolianigodagewi @ yahoo. I'd like to be able to pay for pretty pictures. I'm not. But I'll be delighted to share your pretty pictures, with links to your sites of course, just to boost the signal and to give the eye thinkers a bit of eye-candy.)

Google + pages always look messy and change fast, but Google + just randomly chose to share a cool post by this German spinner/knitter...the one that showed how to use "Looper Loom" bands on your spinning wheel. I don't spin...yet. I agree that this is a cool idea. (Everything on her Google + page was showing up in English today, including a complaint that it hadn't been, yesterday.)

Can you chart and knit those scannable square codes that show up on Best Buy sales sheets? You certainly can! Here's a knitter who worked them into a pair of mittens:

In southwestern Virginia we've had a wonderful January thaw. (I didn't wear a coat or sweater over my winter-weight dress today!) On Twitter people were showing photos of snow heading our way from Washington, D.C. Oh well. If the thaw hasn't lasted long enough to suit you, you might want to admire this guy's tulip picture.

That's all for today...I've done what I came to do, checked e-mail and Google +. Won't have time to read messages on other venues today, almost makes me miss the good old days when all my e-friends and e-communications took place on one web site (Associated Content, rest in peace).