Thursday, January 8, 2015

Link Log for January 8

From Twitter:

The Humane Society left out just one important detail from this useful article:

Did you guess? It's "Do not take it upon yourself to sterilize a cat for which you're not legally responsible." The Humane Society really need to focus their "one more generation and [domestic animals] are out [of existence]" campaign on animal species that are harmful to humans, like coyotes, instead of species that are helpful, like cats, dogs, and horses.

The (pre-constitutional) right to the pursuit of happiness should include the right to refuse medical treatment, right?

I don't know if enough localities are idiotic enough to consider making dress codes a matter of state law, such that this needs to be specified in the Constitution...but people should have the right to cover their hair whenever they feel like it (e.g. on a bad hair day, or a wet day). Likewise, the right to cover their faces whenever they feel like it (e.g. when their acne flares up, if they're Muslims, if they're not too sick to work but know they have a contagious disease...) Thanks to CheramieIII for sharing this.

I think this one's worth sharing because it's an example of a way to advertise a new book that does not annoy me. (Even though it contains rude words, which might annoy some readers.)

Despite its misuse of the word "liberal" to describe a set of left-wingers who are anything but liberal, everybody who uses the Internet needs to read this one...

Christians are still being persecuted for their faith in many countries. (That's persecuted, as distinct from "annoyed by people who don't liiike us," the way Christians and homosexual lobbyists are in these United States.)

Gannets can be cuddly? Who'd have thought? Photo evidence:

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for this sonnet sequence:

And for these cookies (the good kind of cookies, for those who can eat wheat anyway):

Here's a visual guide to some obscure craft paraphernalia you might find in a grab bag with yummy vintage yarn, fabric, etc., at a charity store or bazaar:

In the U.K., at least, you can rescue hens from miserable factory-farm conditions:

More reasons not to snap a "selfie":

Read a book...for mental health...