Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Morgan Griffith Reaches Out to Laid-Off Coal Miners

Also from Congressman Griffith's E-Newsletter:

"Employment Resources
I regularly conduct tele-town halls, and recently held my first of 2015, which included residents of some of the Ninth District’s coal counties.  Many participated and asked a number of thoughtful and important questions.  One question was, “what are the retraining opportunities for laid-off miners and workers” who put food on the table?  I assured the caller we would alert you all to some possibilities.

First, every community college in our district has workforce specialists who can advise on retraining, etc.  To find a community college near you, visit

The Virginia Employment Commission has local and online training opportunities.

There also are four Workforce Investment Boards in the Ninth District, which help provide a trained and educated workforce.  Visit to find one near you.

The New College Institute (NCI) in Martinsville has a number of programs, including advanced manufacturing and film technologies.

The Virginia Tobacco Commission is developing Centers of Excellence for advanced manufacturing training centers.  They will have offices in Abingdon and Martinsville (NCI), with additional satellites expected in other parts of the Ninth.

My staff and I have developed a packet of information on unemployment assistance, employment training, federal job resources, eligibility for medical assistance programs, loan programs, etc.  To receive this packet, feel free to contact my Abingdon office at 276-525-1405 or my Christiansburg office at 540-381-5671. To reach my office via email, please visit my website at "

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PK adds: I'm hoping not to be spending as much time at Mountain Empire Community College this year as I did last year...but that's not because it's not a delightful place to be; it's because getting there without owning a car is such a chore. But I would like to remind any coal mine employees in Scott County that M.E.C.C. is offering a free "Electrical Helper" course that can help youall get into electrician courses, too, if you sign up...and while regular associate/bachelor degree courses start this week, the Electrical Helper course starts in February. If you want to sign up, plan to drive to and from classes, and would like a paying passenger, e-mail me via salolianigodagewi @