Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Link Log January 6

Why would anybody resist rolling down a car window at a "sobriety checkpoint"? Why lead a police officer to believe that you're concealing drunkenness? Based on observations of some good (sober) friends, my guess would be that this guy foolishly bought a vehicle with "power windows" and is afraid that, if he rolls the window down, the mechanism will break down and he'll be unable to get it up. Be public-spirited, Gentle Readers--insist on an oldfashioned crank-type window. It can save you from a stupid, useless hassle with a frazzled cop, and if you're ever in the type of traffic accident I survived, it just might save your life.


Good news for U.S. homeschoolers:


What's a disabled vehicle still good for? This top ten list might be worth printing and saving:


People should not attack police officers. But if "hate crimes" is currently defined as crimes motivated by hate of a "race...or sexual orientation" but not hate of an actual sex, we're missing a major point, and we'd be better off just admitting that people don't commit real crimes out of good will, anyway. A crime is an act of hate. One human life is not worth more than another human life.


Like fun facts? Need a gift for someone who does? (I like fun facts; it's on my Amazon Wish List.)


Four ways to do the stitch crochet instructions call "single crochet"...


(Depending on where they're written, crochet instructions have all kinds of other systems for naming more elaborate stitches, but single crochet seems to be constant.)

A new book of new words Bob Levey would enjoy:


Dear old Bubblews, still ripping off multiple amputees and cancer survivors and other people desperate enough to write for the Internet for a living...