Sunday, January 4, 2015

Link Log for January 4

Excellent article in the Washington Post:

"Wenjian Liu and hundreds more were murdered for doing their jobs. May they rest in peace."

Muscovy ducks...not always friendly, but more interesting than many ducks.

I didn't believe this the first time I read it, but if you search you'll find the FDA document confirming it online. What makes some corn (and other crops) "Roundup-Ready" is that coliform bacteria DNA has been spliced into the food plants' DNA. No wonder the food from these plants causes sprue-like symptoms in people who didn't even inherit the celiac gene. Thanks to CheramieIII for sharing.

I've been thinking about this young feminist sister all week, ever since reading her (annoying) post. I was where she is, emotionally, about thirty years ago. I worked through it. I wrote a never-finished novel about it, and I'm thinking seriously about trying to publish that novel as a Live Journal crowdfunding project.