Monday, January 5, 2015

Link Log for January 5

First, a warning about the tortilla chips not to buy...thanks to CheramieIII:

Alan Keyes has a blog, but I can't read it. Here's a post he shared with Norb Leahy:

Warning: this publicity for McDonalds' contains a screenshot of a Twitter message programmed to send family-filtered computers into fits as they try to decide whether it needs to be blocked or not. It's a very rude word. You've seen it before. You may not want to see it again. Just bear in mind the number of employees who do this kind of thing, in contrast to the number who are stupid enough to Twitter about doing it.

Talking of rudeness, here's a woman who's obviously been addressed as "honey" once too often:

What have you done with the Christmas tree, if you had one?

Persona Paper meets Valentino:

Latest ice storm photos:

Sneaky Pie Brown has a blog! Hurrah! Follow Rita Mae Brown, channelling her best-known cat, here:

My New Year's Resolution is to post something on each of the Unprofitable Sites where I have an account, each month, just in case any of them becomes profitable again. Today I hit Persona Paper...

and Live Journal...

Probably won't have time for Bubblews today...but I will get something posted on Tsu.