Thursday, January 22, 2015

Link Log for January 22

This helpful blog post about blogging lists online well do you readers know and trust the online sources she mentions?

Fellow Virginians, HB 1287 might become important to you some day.

For new readers, U.S. citizens have always been encouraged to read and comment on proposed new laws, but few of us were able to do that before state legislatures started maintaining web sites. Here's HB 1287 at Virginia's legislature's web site:

African Queen dolls who look ready for a visit with Barbie? Why not? Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing:

Arlene from Israel thanks the often controversial Congressman John Boehner:

End of a NASCAR era: Jeff Gordon announces retirement plans.

For the football fans, Lloyd Marcus has this:

Somebody had to try this, and the position of this web site remains: If the baker wants to lose a customer, that's her prerogative. He can hire a different baker. Though he may have a hard time finding one who's willing to put a message about God on a cake, especially one as presumptuous and judgmental as "God hates..."

Cute felted slippers, even if this woman doesn't actually knit them.

Word that the King of Saudi Arabia had died came in while I was working on this post, although Oliver Darcy here reports that it happened last Friday. Should this web site express condolences toward people who, even if they know how to read English, are probably banned from reading this web site?

Over to Google +, where Jaipi Sixbear shares (good news) a firsthand report on the clunky way Common Core re-teaches arithmetic (bad news):

Francis D. Schaeffer left his name and publishing connections to one confused heir.

One good thing about lupus...please promise you won't be the first to bring this up in conversation if you don't have lupus yourself...

Interesting report on British pop music. If you're still blessed with a member of the Greatest Generation in your family, you might print and share it.

Why is this blog not more widely read? (How do I know it's not my writing? Because I've been comparing page view counts between Blogspot and Associated Content. Before Twitter I was consistently seeing about one-quarter as many daily views as I got on AC. Since Twitter it's been up to almost half as many. Lots more people know who I am now than knew when I wrote for AC; most of my e-friends e-met me through AC, where I started out with no e-friends.) One reason: it's too hard to post comments here. That's why I started Twittering--it's dead easy to post comments there! Twitterers, please tell me: Obviously diehard regular readers (Hi, Mom) don't mind the dearth of pictures on this web page. What about you?

And, how much does it matter to you that the original photos that are found only at this site are blurry images of flowers, cats, or stunningly badly photographed knitwear? Right, Tori is back in town, there's some hope of getting better photos of time for next fall. Apart from that, the really good pictures here come from Morguefile. How bad is that?

Speaking of dear old AC, Lyn Lomasi just recycled one of the articles AC asked us to write, years ago. I'd add that there should be no difficulty finding someone to take recycled copper pipes. There may be a slight security problem if any thieves happen to find out that you're willing to part with them.

This one appeared on AC years ago, too, but some people still need to read it...

Gardeners do not need to wait for warm weather to start planting...or harvesting...indoor kitchen herbs.

But we can look forward to the quiet joys of gardening. (Sometimes I think they're even more delightful during these brief winter thaws, when the sweat and insects are still far away...)

For those who do Tsu, I plan to spend the last few minutes I'm here on Tsu...may find a few more choice tidbits there.