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March 17 Links

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Gentle Readers...I had a pretty, summery green dress hanging in the closet this morning, but when I saw the thermometer resting right on the 20-degree mark (20 degrees F approximately equals = -7 degrees C), I decided the green yarn in my blanket-weight shawl would have to do. And today, thanks to a sponsor, you get complete posts...actually, because I also had a poem and the Patreon post of the week to do, you get complete posts tomorrow too. Categories: Read This First, Animals, The Economy, History, Yougov.

Read This First 

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Despite the shock of seeing the prettiest cat in Atlanta still up for adoption when I clicked onto Petfinder...

Somebody ought to have adopted this cat-who-resembles-my-Heather-and-poses-even-better by now. I'm tempted to post that Heather "said" to our Atlanta readers, "You can always send her to us if she doesn't work out with you," but that's inaccurate. Heather has nonverbally told me that she thinks the Cat Sanctuary could use a few more cats but she's never expressed any interest in specific cat pictures on a computer screen....cats go by scent and body language, not "looks." Anyway, somebody should give this little Southern Belle the adoration and lap of her own she deserves:'s time this web site Went to the Dogs. In the dog world, at least one three-colored coat pattern is a recognized breed. Non-pedigreed Black & Tan hounds are actually one of the hardiest, healthiest, friendliest, generally nicest types of dogs on Earth...and are highly likely to be euthanized at shelters for that reason: they're not a fancy breed that keeps puppy mills and veterinarians rich, they're a natural breed that thrive on their own and can even go feral and successfully degenerate back into coyotes. Hmm. Let's see how many Black & Tan hounds are up for adoption...

Ricco from Atlanta:

Clyde, like most Washingtonians, is "originally from" some other place, in his case North Carolina:

Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee from New Jersey is just a cute little puppy, but she won't stay little for long. Lab + Black & Tan + who knows what else...she ought to grow into those paws and then some. She's guaranteed friendly with most other dogs, cats, and humans including children.

Economy, The 

Dan Lewis makes it sound as if young men aren't bothering to find jobs because they can stay home and play video games. I suspect the reality is somewhat different: They're applying for jobs online, not getting jobs, and spending the rest of the day playing video games. Well, if Mother and Daddy have unlimited Internet access at home, at least the young men aren't doing their parents any more economic damage; wearing out an existing game box, which if they're lucky will last until they finally find a job, costs less than wearing out Mother's and Daddy's car, or wearing out expensive name-brand-to-impress-friends long as the young men are maintaining enough balance of activities to stay fit and healthy, this might be good news.


The poem I polished up and sent off this morning was about my favorite Confederate relative, Colonel William Peters. In the quickie overview of history most kids get at school, they're taught that General Lee was too nice to kill noncombatants. He was, but not before Colonel Peters had set him straight about this. Lee had ordered Peters to loot and burn the town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Peters refused. In the poem I consider some probable reasons. Here's an official historical document that's made it into view of the longer post that went live earlier today, yes, note the Colonel's impressive beard. (He was a relative of mine, but a distant one, as that beard proves.)


A lot of sites promise to pay you for taking surveys, but either (a) they generate an intolerable burden of spam and nuisance sales calls and possibly even worse (never never never but never give out your real name, home address, home phone number, etc., online), or (b) they don't actually pay, or (c) they don't actually send you surveys. Yougov is the real deal. They pay in giftcards you can use at many popular chain stores, including Wal-Mart and Amazon; I've consistently chosen Michaels giftcards, since I knit, and that's where all my recent yarn purchases have come from. Payment is as reliable as your mail drop is and, since my e-mail spam filters are already on the highest setting, I've never actually seen a single piece of spam related to Yougov activity. You can join Yougov all by yourself, but if you are referred by an existing member of Yougov, such as me, the sponsors will give both you and me some bonus points toward our next shopping spree.

Beards, Fashion, and Fiction

Today I spent some time...frankly, guy-watching, as these thoughts on beards, fashion, age, art, and literature outgrew the Link Log. I had thought about putting a brief comment on the beard fashion, and my Duck Dynasty-watching Nephews, and the fact that I've not yet read Si-Cology (although I've wanted to) and now there's even a sequel, Si-Renity, all under "Fashion." Or "Fashion & Fiction"? Or, as Ozarque's thoughts on beards, and the way they logically must have led to thoughts on lacy shawls for women but she must have been too modest to blog about those, leaped to mind..."Fashion, Fiction, and Age"? Oh, why not just make a separate post out of these thoughts? Right. Here's the post:

These days a beard is a major fashion statement for some men. A long, full beard is not absolute proof of Whiteness, since some non-White men can grow one, but the gene for luxuriant beard growth does tend to be correlated with genes for fair skin and body hair and so on. So, what do women think about men with beards? Sexy or scruffy? Survey says..."sexy," if the beards have a clean, well groomed look. Beards literally separate men from boys; a thick gray or white beard all but literally says "patriarch," which is why almost all Bible heroes (and, regrettably, God) are often drawn with luxuriant white beards.

Without the beard, how would you recognize Moses?

(Would Moses really have had a beard? Probably. Beards were an important fashion statement in the courts of the Pharaohs. While historians believe many Egyptians actually shaved their entire heads, for comfort and hygiene, and strapped on both beards and wigs, the idea of a beardless Pharaoh was so unthinkable that the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut is known to have strapped on a fake goatee.)

Photo of official sculpture of Hatshepsut: By Keith Schengili-Roberts - Own Work (photo), CC BY-SA 2.5,

Beards can be very kind to aging faces. The writer known as Ozarque rather famously lamented that women couldn't cover up wrinkles with beards, too. (I was and remain sure that she was waiting for people to say, "But women can knit or crochet lovely white shawls"; she was a crocheter and, in the few photos she allowed publishers to add to her book covers, she wore lacy white crocheted shawls.) Here are her most memorable observations on this topic:

[On August 7, 2004, at :]

You have to wonder.... Suppose that Ursula K. Le Guin (or any other elderwoman of your choice) looked like Gandalf. The mane of glorious thick white hair. The superb white beard that covers the raddled neck and the jowls and the lines around the nose and mouth. The tall straight body in its beautiful robes. The strong white teeth and the wonderful hands. Even if you modernized the robes and eliminated the white horse, when she walked into a room she wouldn't be invisible. 

But she'd have to keep the beard, I'm afraid, or it wouldn't work. It is men's great good fortune, and a mark of unfair Divine Favoritism, that men are able to grow beards and moustaches that cover up almost all their lines and wrinkles -- leaving visible only the ones around the eyes that signal laughter, and wisdom, and hunting and fishing and sailing and warrioring.

[On September 11, 2006, at :]

It was very unfair of God to give only men the ability to grow beards. An old man can grow a magnificent full beard, so that all that's on public view is his twinkling eyes with their lovely crinkly lines at the outside corners, and everything else -- including his neck, be it ever so raddled -- is hidden away. Let his hair grow a bit long in the back, he's all set; no neck to be seen, and he's gorgeous. Not fair. You can tell that all the Psalms were written by men because there isn't a single one in which someone is railing and ranting at the Almighty about how unjust it is that only men can grow beards.

I object.

At Etsy most of the knitted and crocheted shawls shown on models, live or not, are draped to call attention to a young woman's sleek young neck...but the thing about these lacy shawls is that they give women a choice. They can be drawn up tight and cover as much as a beard; they can be draped around the shoulders to add a dramatic alternative neck line to whatever is worn under them; they can be tossed over one shoulder to wave in the wind like a flag. One thing that's hard to do with a hand-knitted or crocheted lace shawl, though, is ignore it. Lace shawls are prettier than the blanket-weight shawls I wear instead of overcoats in winter, girlier, but if anything more dramatic.

The back issue knitters fight over...

Good luck getting that pattern magazine at any price...the shawl shown isn't on the front cover, but the pattern is reprinted inside this book, along with about twenty more:

Instead of being reprinted, the much-coveted Knitter's Issue #9 was expanded into a book, with even more patterns for knitted shawls. The shawl shown on the front cover, for instance, was not in the magazine.

For the men...well, that's why neckties and collars were invented, but which way do you think President Lincoln looked his personal best? (He wasn't considered handsome either way, and being 6'4" was only part of his fashion problems in his contemporaries' opinions.)

Abraham Lincoln 1860 Photo U.S. Historical Posters Photos 11x14
A. Lincoln, 1860

New 11x14 Photo: Last Photo of President Abraham Lincoln
A. Lincoln, 1865

There's also much to be said for a Cherokee-type grandfather with just a sprinkling of random white hairs among the thick black hair on his head and a few stray hairs, white and black, on his smooth copper-toned face, but since even Cherokee men can't count on getting that gene...repeated surveys of women who can't have my Significant Other suggest that they like men with clean, well groomed, full beards. Here is a cool commercial-type web site for men with beards and women who like looking at them:

For men like most of my relatives, who could give up shaving for six months and at the end of that time have only the stubbly-looking "three-day beard" that seems to be typical of White/Red crossbreed types, I particularly recommend scrolling down to the "Dad Hats" link at the bottom of the page. Very cool hats to go with either bearded or beardless faces. Women can wear them too; readers in Kingsport may be surprised to find out what they can wear this particular style in aid of:

No, they're not just Grandma Bonnie Peters' trademark style! She looks good in hers, and I've been known to borrow one when walking with her, but...according to the link at , this is the official hat for ovarian cancer fundraisers. Buy yours in aid of the cause!

The Ozarque posts cited above, plus the appearance of a French edition, prompted me to reread Lord of the Rings as an adult. As a child I hadn't noticed,'s radically different from your standard fantasy story where restless young men are proving themselves worthy of pretty princesses, or vice versa. The difference? In Middle Earth, all the main characters are old. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are all would now be called middle-aged, though well enough preserved that letting them be played by dark-haired actors doesn't ruin the story. Aragorn is old enough to regret things that went wrong in the past. Gandalf "the Gray" is "aged, grey-haired and grey-clad." The evil characters are so old they can only be explained as undead. Bilbo, and of course Gollum, are so old that even people who know what's keeping them alive still find them uncanny. Tom Bombadil brags of being older than any human or hobbit can imagine. Glamorous, romantic Galadriel has beautiful long silver-white hair! Tolkien was middle-aged, and he was writing for middle-aged people.

Wikipedia and posthumous Tolkien collections offer tons of additional material about the Rings story...

For men of Tolkien's type, aging does have perils (consider the stuff that happens to Gandalf!) but loss of visual appeal is not among them. Men who look good with a full beard can keep that dramatic look going from age 20 to age 90...

Beards for all ages in real life...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15 Keywords

Yesterday's Link Log might have been a dry one for some e-friends. I owe them a juicy one. I'll try...let's start with some adorable fluffy animals, a long rant that The Nephews may read free of charge, lots of links to Google+ friends....and here's where you go in order to read my comments on your links:

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Here are the keywords to today's hidden post:

cute animal pictures
+Beth Ann Chiles 
Siberian cat breed
Siberian and Manx mixed breed
Siberian and Maine Coon Cat mixed breed 
Craig Shirley's biography of Ronald Reagan 
Jim Geraghty
air pollution 
radiation from nuclear plants 
epidemic of rare childhood cancer
Mark Zuckerberg
Cracked magazine
young and poor in the United States
Dan Lewis
refurbishing an old house
Steve Milloy 
flawed scientific research
McDougall Webinar
digestive health
people who are gluten-intolerant but continue to feel sick after going gluten-free
people who get some benefit from going gluten-free but are not actually gluten-intolerant
people who don't digest animal fats and proteins well
mental health
Snoop Dogg 
Queen Latifah 
Larry Elder's not a musician, he is in radio.
snow pictures
+Alana Mautone
Carol from Indiana
Washington Post
+Sandy KS from Ohio

snow survival tips
Democratic Party is the party of "the donor class"
Penny Nance
Judge Gorsuch
opening line from an excellent book

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March 14 Keywords

Although I'm feeling healthy and cheerful again, this has not exactly been my day. The cell phone's alarm function failed to wake me in time for the time change, both of the people to whom I talked this morning annoyed me intensely, then when I was taking the computer out of the storage building snow started to fall...Here are the links to use to see what I read today, and keep me posting for the rest of the week. Use them. I really did stretch $30 (from real-world sales of knitted hats) out to cover meals, including coffee and road food on the days when I was online, for eleven, count them, eleven days...but now I'm down to pocket change again. Unless I make a real-world sale on the way home, I won't be back.

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Two of a Kind by Celesta Thiessen
Dave Barry
Social Security
Mario Pei
English language
fun facts
daylight saving time
Mary and John McDougall
spa vacation
Jim Geraghty

film clip
Lloyd Marcus

U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith
U.S. Senator Rand Paul
Obamacare replacement
Popvox link
pretty purple flowers of spring
violet blossoms

Scott Adams
global warming theory
local warming facts
Nazanin Ratcliffe is still behind bars

Morgan Griffith's Progress Report: Health Care Reform

From U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith (R-VA-9):

This week, the House of Representatives achieved the first steps in the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

As a bill moves through Congress, as you may remember from Civics classes, the bill starts in the committee with jurisdiction over the content of the bill. The committee reviews the content and votes on the bill.

The American Health Care Act is comprised of two parts. The financial side that repeals and replaces most of Obamacare finances went through the House Ways and Means Committee. The Energy and Commerce Committee, on which I sit, worked on the other part, health care policy.

In a marathon 27 ½ hour long debate, lasting through the night and only pausing to vote, my committee, Energy and Commerce passed our part of the American Health Care Act.

Unlike Obamacare, which was rammed through without giving Members of Congress, or the public, time to read the bill, we are following a step-by-step, deliberate and transparent process. Republicans are keeping Americans informed each step of the way.

Both parts of the bill were posted online ( on the Monday prior to the committee votes.

Last Wednesday morning, Energy and Commerce committee began the review and amendment process of the bill. This process in D.C. is called a markup. From the beginning, the Democrats aggressively fought to defeat the bill.

During opening statements, they complained and protested. They claimed the American Health Care Act would completely dismantle and destroy the Obamacare exchanges, and thus destroy Obamacare.

Republicans promised during the last several campaigns to repeal and replace Obamacare. As we have begun that process, the Democrats are fighting at every turn to keep Obamacare, even though it has failed.

As we worked through the bill, Democrats fought to block our progress even on the most minor of items. They took hours to debate the title of the bill, mostly as a delay tactic. But these tactics were fruitless.

Throughout the night we continued working through the bill, dealing with amendment after amendment. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, we voted to pass this portion of the bill.

Although there is no official record, it is believed this was the longest continuous markup of a bill in Congressional history.

The American Health Care Act repeals Obamacare and begins the process of replacement. The replacement plan is designed to lower costs and give patients and families more choice and flexibility in their health care. Furthermore, it allows the states to have more power and gives less power to the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

As we promised when campaigning, the American Health Care Act does provide protection for those with pre-existing conditions and the ability to stay on your parent’s insurance until you are 26. Further, some parts of Obamacare aren’t being repealed either because we can’t do so under the Senate rules related to the budget reconciliation process or because we promised to keep the policy.

As an aside, many of you know that I have fought to keep the three pages out of roughly 2100 pages of Obamacare that deal with black lung protections. These protections are not repealed by the American Health Care Act.

Also, the new plan includes a Patient and State Stability Fund to assist those who are higher risk and therefore can’t afford traditional health insurance. This fund can also be used by states to lower other costs.

Additionally, the American Health Care Act reforms Medicaid as well. It is important to provide a safety net for the needy, but Medicaid is flawed and can be improved. Medicaid funding is not unlimited and the law directs the funding to those most in need.

Republicans are delivering on the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, with transparency at each step of the way. The bill that passed the Energy and Commerce Committee is now headed to the Budget Committee to be combined with the Ways and Means portion of the bill.

As the bill works its way to the floor of the House for final passage, I expect additional amendments will be adopted. I even have an amendment of my own which would allow states to require those receiving Medicaid who are able-bodied and do not have responsibilities for a young or disabled child to work or be retrained.

I look forward to continued improvements in the bill. I believe that working with the Administration, we can better control the costs of health insurance. The bill will bring reform that allows American families to buy an insurance policy that fits their needs.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact my office. You can call my Abingdon office at 276-525-1405 or my Christiansburg office at 540-381-5671. To reach my office via email, please visit my website at

As regular readers know, my concern with health care reform is putting everything on a solid, primarily cash basis. I think any reform that's still based on the insurance gambling racket is going to fail those who've put their faith in it, but my sole concern with such unsuccessful efforts will be with keeping myself out of them.

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March 9 Keywords

Not even very many links today, but here's what I made the time to find:

Priscilla King's health problems
cat toy
cute cat pictures
The Djinn Falls in Love
how to spell "djinn/genie/jinni/etc"
 +Beth Ann Chiles
Plan Cee
yard flowers in Illinois:
Elizabeth Barrette

Anger Management Posts Keywords

This reaction to +Beth Ann Chiles ' blog post outgrew the Link Log and is long enough to become this week's Patreon this time even LJ friends are getting just the keywords. If it goes live, on LJ or on Blogspot, it's long enough that it will probably be formatted as a series. Embedded links go to books cited; on Blogspot those (and more, especially the movies cited) will appear with Amazon photo links.
long brain stem
emotional repression
depression associated with brain damage
Priscilla King's depressive sister
how to use PMS for fun and profit
Virginia Satir's communication style analysis
Blamer Mode
verbal abuse
celiac disease
Priscilla King's experience in baby-sitting and tutoring
spanking children, the controversy
left-wing "snowflakes"
the 1980s as Age of Therapy
semi-objective way to measure anger-proneness
Novaco Anger Inventory
potential abuse of Novaco Anger Inventory
how to understand Novaco Anger Inventory
McDougall Webinars and Weekends
emotional abuse, example in Joseph Heller's novel Good as Gold
preventing depression by reframing "depressing" news
news reports as call to action
glyphosate contamination in gluten-free food
Shiva Ayyadurai
Mothers Against Drunk/Dangerous Driving
Priscilla King's anger inventory score
do amateurs overstate your anger-proneness, and if so, why
age and anger
money and anger
gender and anger
typecasting in popular movies
Agent Clarice Starling with bigger shoulders
people who are "too nice" to correct their teen employee
people who are not "too nice" to hit their own child for copying their teen employee
Beatles song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
bill reading
dangerous prescription drugs
John Holt as past master of education
Suzette Haden Elgin (Ozarque) as past master of communication (Bill Clinton's teacher)
Scott Adams as master of persuasion
Washington Post 
real Washingtonians enjoy their morning Post, how possible
how to use anger without raising blood pressure
women have cardiovascular disease too
Anger Busting

And, as a bonus for Blogspot readers who've read several references to my work with that intimidating old blind gentleman, George Peters...the series also references the role Tegretol played in the horrific final illness of George Peters. He was too mature and responsible to commit suicide, but...let's just say I would never let anyone give that drug to any person under age 70.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 7 Keywords

I spent the weekend in Disney Dwarf Mode: mostly Grumpy with a hint of Sneezy on Saturday, totally Grumpy on Sunday, and less Grumpy but very very Sleepy on Monday. I'm feeling human again now. However, the laptop computer got damp on the way to work this morning--not wet, merely damp--and went into a sulk and wouldn't connect to the Internet for the first hour of the work day... (more of this rambling at the pay-per-view post)

Dan Lewis
Washington, D.C., public schools
need for more good Black male teachers
non-Black men are needed, too
Fred Rogers
adoptable Rex cats
cute cat pictures
homeless cats
solution for cat allergy problems
retriever dog pictures
hackers should be locked up for life
day labor
government job
Salvation Army 
Social Services irrelevant to those willing to work
language learning
which language is easy to learn
Scott Adams 
how to win bets
how to take money from stupid gamblers
how to draw pictures
still life pictures
Stephanie Johnson's murals
Johnson City, New York
Johnson City, Tennessee
city planning
local zoning regulations
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Kingsport, Tennessee
Bristol, Tennessee
Washington, D.C.
Sacramento, California
U.N. Agenda 21
+Lloyd Marcus
Trump Rally
+Beth Ann Chiles
road trip
highway safety
good example of product placement
honest product endorsements
Elizabeth Barrette
science fiction poetry
speculative fiction
speculative fiction poetry

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March 3 Keywords

Gentle Readers, I am puzzled. The local couple who claimed to want to make payments online have made their feeble excuse for weaselling out...well, I didn't know them all that well and we should never trust people who don't pay cash when they can...but where are your payments? Some of you know how to click a button. That's nice. Unfortunately, clicking buttons doesn't keep the electricity on, nor does it buy groceries or pay taxes. I'm feeling discouraged. Patreon will allow you to pay one dollar a month; that's why I set it up. I don't believe that's more than you can afford. Clearly you don't appreciate your e-friends, readers, or signal boosters. I've not heard from any of you, even at Fiverr, all week.

This web site's Terms of Service are changing again. March is here. March weather is not to be wasted on the Internet unless the time a person spends on the Internet is greatly appreciated. Until I start seeing e-mail from Paypal, I'm not willing to commit to more than one visit to cyberspace each week...and each time I come online and don't see e-mail from Paypal, I'm adding another source of e-mail to the spam list.

long-haired gray cats
adoptable cats
adoptable dogs
Freedom of Information Act
Dwight D. Eisenhower
New York Times
Dan Lewis
Youth Behaving Well:
wind energy
gluten-free recipe
health benefits of keeping pets
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
safety standards for Monsanto's GMOs
early spring
long thaw
killing frost
JP Sixbear aka Jaipi aka Jeanne Frost
Weebly shop for pretty pictures
partisan politics
reasons not to buy airline tickets
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Rachel Dolezal
Amadou Diallo
major newspaper headline blooper
earn free stuff at Yougov

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March 2 Keywords

"I don't understand the 'Keywords' posts," an e-friend complained. Why have I gone to posting lists of keywords instead of articles, Link Logs, and book reviews?

Answer: "Keywords" posts are not for reading, just for indexing. Each "Keywords" post identifies a post, of the type I've been putting up here for no charge, that is currently visible to "Friends Only" at Live Journal. ("Friends" is LJ-speak for paid-up subscribers.) Non-paying readers who visit will see my Twitter archives; once subscribers are set up as LJ "Friends" they'll see actual blog posts too. For $1 per month at Patreon, you can read all the complete posts at LJ and unlock one complete post here. Keywords show up here to help you and me keep track of which post you want to unlock...that means that, of course, you can unlock the ones that link to your articles, or your products or the general category of products in which yours fall.

As mentioned in the Greeting post, which people coming in from Google + aren't seeing, this web site has gone into pay-per-view mode. The archives are still available for free. To see new content, you can pay online at

or send a U.S. postal order to Boxholder, P.O. Box 322, Gate City, Virginia, 24251-0322. (Since postal employees are occasionally retired and replaced, it's more efficient for you to address mail to the Boxholder at Box 322 rather than for me to explain to each new person that "Priscilla King" is a business.)

Now, Keywords for today's Links, and I found some juicy Links today...

photogenic collie-mix-type dogs seeking homes
Priscilla King's cat Heather
Priscilla King's cat Tickle
Priscilla King's new cat Suzie
Priscilla King's possum Pally
social cats
pale orange cats who crave love
adopt a pet from a disabled neighbor
adopt a pet before it "has to" be put in a shelter
+Sandy KS
Mournful Sphinx Moth
+Thelma Alberts
tropical butterfly pictures
"The Personal Moth"
Dr. Seuss Day
+Lady in Read
Haroun and the Sea of Stories 
+Andria Perry
Laura Ingraham
The Hillary Trap
The Obama Diaries
Shut Up and Sing
Of Thee I Zing,
Power to the People 
Laura Ingraham's charities
New York City Marathon
can you see Priscilla King live in NYC Marathon? (Yes...but it'll cost a minimum of $2500.)
Stephen Moore
Ash Wednesday
McDougall-endorsed recipes
John McDougall's advice to young doctors:
Devona Bell
celiac sprue
glyphosate and gluten intolerance
cerebral palsy and food intolerance
raising tomatoes
Naomi the Nature Nerd
crocus in Illinois
tornado in Illinois
Publius Huldah speaks in Lewis County, Tennessee, Monday
the most influential libertarians in the United States
Thomas Sowell
Congressman Dave Brat
Dave Barry
other influential libertarians meeting in Las Vegas
National Review 
+Beth Ann Chiles
cruise as medical checkup and treatment option
McDougall cruises (California-Hawaii-California)
McDougall vacations (California)
cancer hazard in California
Kellyanne Conway
unflattering photos
Washington Post
shopping for dresses in Washington, D.C.
L.L. Bean dresses (catalogue link!)
Talbots dresses (catalogue link!)
find these dresses in charity stores

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March 1 Keywords

March is expected to come in like a lion. People are watching for a tornado--which means, 99% of the time, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we'll get rain. So far today that's what we've had.

Keywords from the post at Live Journal:
cat pictures
adoptable cats from Petfinder
brown tabby cats
dog food recall
Cassidy Fletcher
Lord of the Rings
+Beth Ann Chiles
Naomi Parkhurst
needlework chart
knitting stitch pattern
Sarah Posner
Rolling Stone 
Trevor Loudon
Team Grace Ellen
nuclear waste
rare childhood cancer
Southern California
+Alana Mautone 

Artistes Only Blogspot
Austria's Gruener See park
Dan Lewis
Veterans Administration

Unlock this post here:

To All Republican and Democrat Correspondents

Attention all political correspondents: I don't know the people President Trump is appointing to cabinet positions, ay? (That's a Northeast Coast "ay?" with a tiny hint of a Mexican "ay!" behind it.) I know some people need to vet them. I know they're the ones who'll be making a lot of decisions, and being blamed for decisions not entirely their own, during the next four years. I am not qualified to vet them.

With the sole exception of Ben Carson, all I know about who these people are and where they're from is the partisan messages the political parties have been cranking out. Since I don't believe any of Trump's nominees is either the Messiah or a rabid coyote, those messages haven't told me much. I might have liked to have been paid to get out there and investigate all the facts, favorable and unfavorable, about just one of those nominees, the way I did with Bill Clinton in 1996...but I wasn't. So I didn't. So I know nothing about these people and I will not be signing any petitions to confirm them, block them, promote them, fire them, give them medals, send them to Siberia, or send them out into space. So please stop spamming me about them.

Black History Month and the D.C. Public Schools (Keywords)

Walter Williams' name attracted me to read his latest post at; the photo at the top of the post set me up in a nice nostalgic mood; the post ticked me off. The rant it triggered isn't fresh enough to be this week's Patreon post. I've posted similar things here. It's on Live Journal, though. Paid-up subscribers can probably guess what I had to say using the keywords below.

Allen West
Walter Williams
urban public schools
Washington, D.C., public schools
Louis Armstrong
Langston Hughes
gangsta rap
feminist rallies
college degree programs
digital images
Common Core math
Reuben Jackson
Washington Post 
Washington, D.C., demographics
Washington, D.C., rent rates
all able-bodied Black male retirees should be teaching