Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do Americans Hate President Obama?

I love the way the Blogspot system reports what people are searching for when they discover this site, but I have mixed feelings about the report that, on Easter weekend yet, the majority of new readers came from a "Hate Obama" site.

All readers, including those who disagree with us, are always welcome at this site.

But do we hate Obama? Frankly, we do not. We hate the idea that he might be reelected President, since he's overstepped the boundaries of the office so many times and supported so many ideas that either are or need to be completely unconstitutional. We hate the horrible truth that a second Obama Administration might become possible because relatively few candidates (and families) seem to be as decent, brave, and likable as the Obama family. We hate that people who seem as decent as the President, the First Lady, and even the First Daughters have been so misguided, even exploited, to support such repulsive ideas.

Oppose Obama in Election 2012, by all means...but if you must hate someone, please try to hate violent criminals. The useful attitude to take toward politicians is "Loyal Opposition."