Thursday, April 5, 2012

Phenology 4/5/12: Wisteria, Paulownia, Lilacs...

In downtown Gate City we're seeing the lavender-colored flowers of May--wisteria, paulownia, lilacs, and of course violets and hyacinths and so on--blooming in the first week of April. Native white dogwood is already passing its peak; pink dogwoods are still going strong. Redbuds are still looking pretty up in the mountains, but have shed their petals in town.

Forsythia, which should be blooming about now, has blazed and (mostly) passed away. However, Elizabeth Barrette knows someone who would like to share with you several lovely images of forsythia in bloom:

Weather: as usual, other people (this time in Texas) are reporting disastrous storms; we get rain, repeated storms that don't clear the air and do spoil the pretty flowers.