Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grassfire Taken Over by Frackers

This web site will avoid the obvious "fire" imagery, since we're only 99% sure that fracking causes inflammable petrochemicals to ignite in sewers or faucets or whatever. We will stick to what we're 99.9999% sure about: fracking causes earthquakes, and we, I think I can speak for everyone in the Eastern States including our President, do not want earthquakes. We think earthquakes are a bad thing. Therefore, we think fracking is a bad thing. Therefore, we urge extreme caution in any support of Grassfire, although this web site has supported Grassfire in the past.

It might be just a technological glitch that makes it, at the moment, very easy to use Grassfire web sites to support fracking and impossible to use them to share our concerns with the organizers of this Tea Party network. Maybe. Give'em the benefit of the doubt. They have done some good things, and they did need sponsors.

So they've basically sold their souls? It looks that way...

Grassfire has teamed up with Energy Citizens in encouraging Americans to join America's energy revolution and Stand Up For U.S Energy.

Our goal is to rally at least 20,000 team members over the next two weeks to effectively push back against the Obama administration and members of Congress who are trying to stymie America's energy independence.

American-made natural gas is creating jobs, growing our economy, lowering our energy bills, and strengthening our energy security.

Sign our petition to make sure this natural gas boom isn’t derailed by misguided energy policies.

President Obama said “we should strengthen our position as the top natural gas producer” and it is up to us to hold him to that promise.

Unfortunately, U.S. energy development is threatened by politicians who want to tie up energy producers with regulations and place huge areas off-limits to energy exploration. These policies will destroy jobs, hurt our economy, and make us more dependent on foreign energy suppliers.

Stand up for American energy by signing our petition!

Americans like you need to speak up for U.S. energy production. Unless our voices are heard, the American oil and natural gas boom will be stifled by anti-development policies. We can’t afford to see this happen.

Natural gas is doing great things for America.  Keep the energy boom going by having your voice heard!

Click here to add your name to this vital petition.


Energy Citizens

(Note: Please do not reply directly to this email. This address is not designed to receive your personal messages. To contact Grassfire with comments, questions or to change your status, see the link below.)

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Note that those aren't e-mail links, and they don't work. Grassfire is affiliated with a social site called the Patriot Action Network, which looks as if it's trying to be similar to Freedomworks...only, at the time of writing, it doesn't work.

I'm sorry to report this. I would have liked to have shared concerns about "Energy Citizens" with our e-friends at Grassfire before I published them to the world. As things are, the world needs to be warned. Energy Citizens probably got Grassfire meshed into their network by asking someone at that site's central headquarters "But don't you want to keep existing coal mines or oil wells open, or support offshore drilling, or encourage Canada to sell the oil they're determined to pump in any case to us rather than to China?" And then they take support for those reasonable ideas and use it to add your name to their petitions to frack the National Forests. That's the kind of weasels they are.

Unfortunately, until Grassfire publicly disowns the weasels, this web site has to recommend that fiscal conservatives disown Grassfire. This is, I hope, temporary. Grassfire hasn't always been the most trustworthy, levelheaded Tea Party group out there, but they've done good things and seemed to be good people. Let's hope they can shake the weasels off their coattails soon.