Monday, September 16, 2013

Reader Poll

Apparently Google wants everybody to post everything to Google +. I don't know whether this is a good thing. One thing, they tried automatically flashing a pop-up that prodded us to choose to post or not post everything to Google +, and it slowed down the system and I think it actually caused a public-access computer I was using to foul up a floppy disk. And of course this "automatic plus" feature is slowing down the system too.

But also I see a question of fairness here. I've not "plussed" everything I've read of everyone else's work. Is it fair to "plus" everything I've written myself?

I need your opinions, Gentle Readers. (All of you. I don't always remember, but I'm trying to remember to address posts to Fellow Virginians, Fellow Americans, or everybody in the world who has a computer.) How many of you like finding the Blogspot pieces I actually wrote or edited, and the Google + posts where I merely recommended someone else's work, all in one place? How many of you want to bother reading all of both? How many prefer the system that's evolved over this past summer, where by and large I did not "plus" very much of what I posted here, or post links here to very much of what I "plussed"?