Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Convoy Heading for D.C.

Thanks to Karen Bracken for calling my attention to this one:


(I get Freedom Outpost in the e-mail too, but since I read e-mail from individuals first I don't always find the time to read it, or the other'zines and newspapers to which I subscribe.)

Anyway, the truckers are planning a nice peaceable protest that will temporarily "shut down America," or at least much of eastern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, with heavy traffic on the weekend of October 11 through 13. Government offices are scheduled to close on Monday, October 14, anyway, so for readers who live near Washington, this might be a good week for vacations...you will want to be either in the convoy, or off the road, while this is going on.

I can't say that the following web pages are especially well organized; they seem to have been put together in haste. However, let's just say that although this protest probably has something to do with the proposed additions to the many existing regulations that make truckers' lives more difficult (see the Popvox post directly below this one), the Straw that Broke the Camel's Back was a Facebook decision to censor a post that included the phrase "God Bless America," so this is being billed as a demonstration on behalf of free speech...among other things.



God bless America. God bless our truckers. God bless our historic freedom, the uniqueness it has given us, and the benefits of our freedom and uniqueness that the rest of the world should be trying to gain for themselves rather than take away from us.