Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Support Daniel Zolnikov

Although I still believe what Bill Gates and Doug Rawlins said, in the 1990s, about its being naive to think of anything in cyberspace as really private...although I still think that paying bills or using your real name online have much in common with parking your car on a busy city street with the keys in and the windows down...although I'm still sure that my geeky college friend, who went to work for the IRS before graduation, could find everything I've ever done online by morning if he wanted to try...I'm concerned by the tweet here...

Although I owe this site a few new readers, Mr. Zolnikov seems to think I don't appreciate his concern for privacy. This is incorrect. I think we need to be realistic: the need is to protect our personal information from the Internet--efforts to protect our personal information on the Internet work for maybe six months. But we definitely need people in our state and federal governments who appreciate the need for privacy.

So don't use that form to donate money to his campaign, unless you've gone to the trouble to set up a Paypal account in a corporate name and address different from your personal contact information. Instead, this web site recommends using cash to buy a U.S. postal money order--reliable, universally accepted, secure, and private. Buy a stamped envelope, address, seal, and mail it to:

Daniel Zolnikov for House
P.O. Box 50403
Billings, Montana, 59105