Monday, September 16, 2013

East Tennessee: How to Oppose Regional Planning

Tennessee readers, if you live in an affected county (they're listed at the link below), please share this one liberally. This web site doesn't recommend taking surveys in the name of your dog (well, unless that's what you always use as your screen name) but does recommend encouraging everyone you meet at the computer center to use this valuable tool for local governance. Teenagers, too.

Of course we prefer to imagine that you're going to take the time to read and think through every question and send Ms. Massengill some intelligent comments. We share Karen Bracken's suggestions on how to take this survey for their chortle value...and for those whose computer time is severely limited, either by computer center rules or by tired eyes.

Please take the THRIVE 2055 survey.  BUT be sure to fill out the first section VERY FAMILIAR
First question page answer EVERY question with LOW
Next page answer EVERY with STRONGLY DISAGREE
Enter whatever comments you want or leave blank.  My comments basically ended we didn't want them or any parts of their plans.  Any elected official that supports this plan will be voted out of office.
Spread it around but make sure all questions are answered LOW or STRONGLY DISAGREE
From: THRIVE 2055 <>
Date: September 13, 2013 16:40:43 EDT
Subject: Thrive 2055 Survey: Regional Priorities and Guiding Principles
Over the past year, Thrive 2055 leadership has heard from thousands of people across our 16-county, tri-state region and engaged hundreds of volunteers in committee work researching issues that will drive our region's success.  As a result, a strong set of key priority issues and guiding principles are being proposed to guide the next steps of the planning process.
Please take a moment to fill out this survey (click HERE) to help determine if the proposed Principles and Priorities accurately reflect what is most important to our future success and ability to thrive as a region.
Please share this link with friends, family, co-workers and colleagues.
Thank you!
Brdgett Massengill Sig
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