Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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The Debt Ceiling

The scoop from our Hill Sources: As the debate over spending continues, the House may also consider legislation expanding the debt ceiling to allow the government to borrow more money for another year. There was no text of this bill over the weekend, but here again, Republicans will look to extract a high price to allowing the debt ceiling to rise again. Elements likely to be present in the bill include language seeking more spending cuts, and requiring the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline between Canada and the United States.

Also in the House

Along the way, the House will also look at a bill that allows a land exchange to take place that helps Resolution Copper develop an undeveloped copper mine in Arizona:

And finally, the House will likely pass up to three suspension bills in the middle of the week:
  • HR 1961 extending an exemption from the fire-retardant materials construction requirement for certain vessels. The bill would allow the Delta Queen to resume overnight passenger operations.
  • HR 3095 ensuring that new government requirements for testing people operating commercial motor vehicles for sleep disorders are adopted after a formal rule-making process.
  • HR 2600 amending the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act to clarify how the law applies to condominiums.

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