Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting Out the Christian Vote

This e-mail was forwarded by Patricia Evans. Some readers may ask what church has to do with voting. It's a valid question; this web site would not encourage pastors to tell people from the pulpit how they should vote. However, church is also the primary social connection large numbers of Virginians have. For many retired people and full-time parents, church is the only social connection they have outside the family. So I think it's entirely appropriate for churchgoers to do social networking with people they know from church, during the week, and that would include efforts to get out the vote.

I don't know whether Mike Troxel is interested in sharing his program with people outside of Virginia or religious groups that are other than Christian; nor do I know how effective his program is even with the demographic for which it's designed. The information is shared here for the benefit of readers who want to find out the answers to those questions.

We can and WILL change the course of elections in Virginia but we need an army of Christian volunteers!  If you are interested in helping with the Church Outreach Program,  Please contact  Mike Troxel at  or call   434.258.4437

Middle Resolution’s Virginia Church Outreach Program

Hi, my name is Mike Troxel, I’m in Lynchburg, and I’m working on a church outreach program supported by Chris Doss in conjunction with The Middle Resolution PAC. I was told that you could likely be a good asset for what we’re trying to achieve. A large percentage of church goers aren’t registered to vote, and of the ones who are registered to vote, a large percentage don’t. We’re going to fix that.

 Most church outreach programs fail for one of a couple of reasons:

First, there is no proper training for volunteers. Second, the volunteers aren’t given the proper tools to do the jobs. Third, the volunteers aren’t given a proper plan or direction. Fourth, the volunteers aren’t given goals or a go-to person for assistance.

With this program we are fixing all of that. You will have the tools, training, plan, goals and assistance you need in order to get the job done.

Not only will you know exactly who in your church isn’t registered to vote, you will know how to approach them and register them, and be given goals to ensure that you can contact every unregistered church member in your church by the cut off for voter registration. You will also know exactly who in your church IS registered to vote, and you will have a plan for contacting them and making sure that they get out to vote on election day. In short, there will be no guess work, there will be no uncertainty. You will know exactly who you need to contact, when you need to contact them, how many of them you need to contact each day, and you will be successful.

Please call or email me back if you are interested in helping me reduce the number of unregistered and non-voting registered church members by 50%. We can and WILL change the course of elections in Virginia simply by implementing the very simple and straightforward plan that we have laid out.

Thank-you so much for your commitment to liberty and I look forward to working with you.


Mike Troxel
Former VP Lynchburg Tea Party
Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Communications Chair


"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  - Thomas Jefferson"