Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Resolution: I Will Track...

In 2015, I resolve to track my short posts at Google +, Tsu, and/or Twitter on my web site. This will allow people with limited time to see whether they want to look for my "shares" on whichever of those sites they use, and (hat tip to Michelle Malkin for this idea) prevent confusion between what I'm sharing and what the dozens of people who entered cyberspace later claiming that "Priscilla King" is their real legal name may be sharing. Thus:

From Google +:
Yes, you will need an account to read this post. Yes, you need to be an American to have an account.
A Blaze report that raised my eyebrows:

"Obama beat Billy Graham *and* Ben Carson? Hillary beat Malala Yousafzai? ??? Methinks people were afraid our federal government was listening in on those poll calls. This is ridiculous. "

Plussed by Theresa Wiza: "
Plussed by Marsha Cooper: "
Re-shared by Lyn Lomasi, and recommended to those who may have forgotten:
""You Are My Darling"..."I Just Called to Say I Love You"..."