Monday, December 29, 2014

Book Review: Roses for Bonny Belle

Book Review: Roses for Bonny Belle
Author: Martha Gwinn Kiser
Date: 1950
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: none
Length: 137 pages
Illustrations: drawings “by Becky”
Quote: “‘September 15th, 1903,’ he read. ‘That’s five years ago.’”
Bonny Belle is an orphan. Her foster parents want to adopt her, but in order for that to happen, in 1908, they need more money. Her foster mother tries working in a store, but that’s not enough for “the ladies from the county.” In order to preserve what suspense this story has, this review will not discuss what Bonny Belle’s foster father finally does.

Children need to know about the bad old days, when mothers who worked outside the home were presumed unfit, and little girls weren’t encouraged to imagine that, if their father (or foster father) didn’t get a job, they might be able to make some money of their own. Roses for Bonny Belle might be a simple way to lead a third or fourth grade class into this discussion.

Although Martha Gwinn Kiser no longer needs $2.50, this book has become a collector's item. To buy it here will cost $20 + $5 for shipping.