Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lipstick Pullover

In real life, this traditional Guernsey-style sweater is a bright, clear color, like watermelon pulp. The manufacturer called it "lipstick red."

The pattern was adapted from Madeline Weston's first pattern book, which is confusingly available under two titles, Classic British Knits and The Traditional Sweater Book, and is available as a Fair Trade Book.

Sweater size: 36-38", 5'4"-5'8"

Material: Creslan acrylic (looks and feels more like cotton than most acrylics, may retain odors)

Care: Machine wash and dry

Price: $40 + $5 shipping (one shipping price covers everything that fits into the package)

Madeline Weston's Ravelry page:

To buy Classic British Knits (or The Traditional Sweater Book, whichever is available at the moment) as a Fair Trade Book: $5 + $5 shipping, from which Madeline Weston or a charity of her choice will receive $1.