Monday, December 8, 2014

Color-Me-Beautiful Spring Jacket and Hat

That's "Spring" as in the warm, bright colors that are currently in fashion...this jacket and hat will be on the warm side after the twenty-first of March. The colors are pretty close to the way they're showing up on this computer, a mix of tans, yellows, leafy greens, soft blue and white.

Size: 36-38", 5'4"-5'8"

Materials: mixed; more than 50% acrylic but including cotton, wool, and mohair

Care: We recommend hand washing gently and drying flat, but these garments would probably survive machine laundering without shrinking or stretching very much.

Cost: $75 for the jacket, $5 for the hat, $5 for shipping either or both (and you could probably fit a book into the package).