Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Traditional Scraps Mittens

In real life these mittens really are made of scraps--any scrap and any other scrap knitted together from scrap balls...We call these Pineapple Place mittens, in honor of the knitting style explained in Anne Lindbergh's novel The People in Pineapple Place. They're very thick and snowproof.

Size: man's

Materials: mixed, mostly wools and acrylics

Care: These would probably survive machine laundering, but they are mittens. Rinse out the dirt in water that feels comfortable to your hands, then dry them on the register, on the radiator, on the warming shelf above your wood stove. (But not on top of an electric space heater. Please.)

Cost: $5 + $5 shipping. As always, shipping fees include whatever fits into one package.