Thursday, December 4, 2014

Book Review: Recipes for Summer Days

Book Review: Miriam B. Loo’s Recipes for summer Days
Author: Miriam B. Loo
Date: 1980
Publisher: Current
ISBN: none, but click here to find it on Amazon
Length: 90 pages
Illustrations: color drawings by Marsha K. Howe
Quote: “These recipes consist primarily of light, whole-meal salads that are tasty, nutritious, and easy to prepare.”
There are also recipes for things to grill and barbecue, and ice creams, and a few things to bake or cook on the stove—but not many.
Miriam and Orin Loo were best known as the founders of Current, Inc., a company that produced cards, stationery, and calendars. Mrs. Loo wrote recipes for a line of recipe cards, several of which are reprinted here, and Marsha K. Howe supplied beautiful, colorful graphics.
As with most cookbooks, there’ll be things you can hardly wait to try and things you wouldn’t eat on a bet. It’s easy to work around the recipes that call for things you don’t eat, though: you can use sauces or dressings on different meats or salads, leave things out of the salads, use cornstarch instead of wheat flour to thicken sauces.
On the whole, this book is a feast for the eye, the palate, and the country soul. Graphics are a large part of its appeal. 

Miriam B. Loo no longer needs the dollar she would get from this book being sold as a Fair Trade Book, so although I can offer it for $5 + $5 shipping (and you may or may not find a better price), those who really want to support the Fair Trade Book system should scroll down and find a book whose author can still benefit from the system.