Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review: Zink

A Fair Trade Book

Title: Zink
Author: Cherie Bennett
Date: 1999
Publisher: Dell / Random House
ISBN: 0-440-22810-7
Length: 226 pages plus a supplemental section
Illustrations: readers’ drawings in supplemental section
Quote: “She’d fainted in front of the entire sixth grade.”
The fictional story of Becky Zaslow, whose wild imagination helps her cope with the ups and downs of sixth grade even when she has cancer, is based on the true story of Kelly Weil (1982-1993). In real life Kelly Weil wrote only one page about a fantastic zebra named Zink with polka dots instead of stripes. Cherie Bennett expanded the legend of Zink into a play, and then into this novel, while working with a foundation created in memory of Kelly Weil.    
Although Becky’s story is sad, it’s interwoven with the wild and wacky adventures of Zink and with Becky’s relationship with her brother Lee, so there’s room for surprise, suspense, and happy endings in Zink too.

The supplemental section contains basic information about juvenile cancer, with contact information for legitimate organizations that send out literature on the topic, and might be a good starting point for students researching this topic. 

Although it's widely available, if you buy Zink from me for $5 + $5 shipping, (a) Cherie Bennett or a charity of her choice gets $1, and (b) you can add anything else purchased at this site that will fit into one package for the same $5.