Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Link Log

Today's links:

Grace Ellen on video...


Vegan vacation in California, anyone?


The son of a granny basher, or in this case a grandpa basher, argues that the senior man his late father hit on the head with a stick had no right to defend himself. I might have made that up, but I wouldn't have tried to use it as fiction...


In this case we should probably cut the abused senior citizen some slack, because he was speaking right after being attacked, but no, this web site will not allow his calling the attackers "animals" to go uncorrected. They're not animals. They're New Yorkers.


Chanel thinks knitting is cool...and I think Jil Eaton's knitting projects are cool, especially if you like "fashion." (I prefer "classic" in sweaters, but anything goes in hats!)


Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing this post:


Scathing satire, but I chortled. Probably because I agree with much of it. You've been warned:


Especially for Adayahi...


If you're within radio range, you won't want to miss this...Dave Barry, live tomorrow at 3 p.m.


I was beginning to doubt that this site would pay off, but it finally did!


Elizabeth Barrette expressed some concern this evening about the value of school choice for the non-wealthy. Those who share her concern may want to read Lyn Lomasi's firsthand report:


For all writers. (Not web sites, but topic suggestions.)