Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blog Update: the Good News, the Bad News

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on February 24, 2014. Yeeks, this really is a "Hi, Mom" sort of post...does it deserve preservation? At least I'm updating it, now, to 2015. For example, although this post did not originally include an image, this web site wants to boost both wheelchair access and Morguefile, so here's a Morguefile image from Puravida...)

In 2013, I blogged about a petition at to get Craigslist to prompt people who advertised housing for rent to mention whether it was wheelchair-accessible or not...

Yearbook news item: lots of people (including people from Google +) signed the petition, and as of today, I'm glad to report, Craigslist does prompt people to mention this.

But I may have spoken too soon about this bit of good news:

Why does it matter that the Cat Sanctuary Colleague known as Oogesti was Irish-American? Because one of a group of genes that are common in Irish people, and rare in all other ethnic groups, causes immediate, permanent, painful glaucoma as a reaction to the most common medication used to prepare the eye for surgery. My father had that--and Oogesti was a fourth or fifth cousin of his. What a relief that, unlike Dad, Oogesti could see well without glasses after the operation. 
Then again...he had to take blood thinners for some time after the operation, and became weak and faint, and his family decided he needed to be Taken Care Of and not allowed to operate his own Cat & Dog Sanctuary.

Oogesti is no longer with us. He was active for  more than 87 years. 

Arrangements have been made between "Graybelle's Cat Sanctuary" and another Cat Sanctuary for emergency care of the cats. The Humane (Pet Genocide) Society has moved into Scott County, on Oogesti's side of the mountain, at that, and is currently raising funds to open a HSUS-type dog shelter. I'm aware of only one active Dog Sanctuary.